galaxy-note-patent-laptop-dock-resized-w782Come 2016 there is a very real chance that Samsung will churn out the successor to the Galaxy Note 5 in the form of the Galaxy Note 6. Now we’re not sure what we can expect from the device since it’s really anyone’s guess at the moment, but thanks to a recently discovered patent by Patently Mobile, a potential feature has been revealed.

As you can see in the patent’s diagram above, it shows how the phone could be used to dock inside of a laptop-like device, essentially powering it. As smartphones these days come with its own processor, RAM, and storage, it makes sense that it could have the potential to be used as a laptop.

In fact this idea isn’t exactly new. It was a couple of years ago that ASUS introduced us to the ASUS Padfone. For those unfamiliar, the Padfone is basically the combination of a smartphone and a tablet. The smartphone acts as the “heart” and “brains” of the tablet, which is more or less a shell.

This allows the user to use the phone as it is whenever they want, or if they want a bigger screen with tablet-like qualities, they can just pop the phone inside the tablet and they’re good to go. In Samsung’s case, it looks like they are suggesting that we can expect a laptop-like dock instead of a tablet which we guess works out just as well. Of course there’s no telling if Samsung will make this patent a reality, but what say you? Does this idea appeal to you?

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