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Samsung Reveals The Cause Of The Galaxy Note 7 Explosions
Samsung has revealed the reasons behind why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets exploded. A report from last week kind of leaked the information out beforehand and it was suggested that the batteries were to blame, and sure enough during Samsung’s press conference, the company did confirm that there were issues with the batteries.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Batteries To Blame For Note 7 Problems
Samsung has confirmed that they will be sharing the results of their investigation with us this coming Monday, the 23rd of January. There has been quite a bit of speculation as to what might have went wrong, and recently it was suggested that the battery was to blame. It’s starting to look that way thanks to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

Samsung To Announce Note 7 Investigation Results On Jan 23
About a week ago, it was reported that Samsung would be announcing the results of its Galaxy Note 7 investigation on the 23rd of January. Samsung did not actually come right out and say it so it wasn’t clear how true this was, at least until now where Samsung has confirmed that the 23rd of January date is accurate.

Verizon To Redirect Outgoing Calls Made On The Galaxy Note 7
When the three other major carriers in the US announced their plans to issue an update that would effectively disable the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Verizon was the only carrier to not come on board with the plan. Their reason was that they did not want customers to be out of a phone during the holiday season.


Battery Was Apparently To Blame For Galaxy Note 7’s Explosion
We’re sure many are curious as to what could have been the problem with the Note 7 that caused it to explode not just once, but twice, and this was even after swapping battery suppliers. According to a report from Reuters, it seems that the battery could have been the one at fault after all.

Note 7 Investigation Results Could Be Revealed Jan 23rd
Earlier this month we reported that Samsung would be revealing the results of its Note 7 investigation this month, or at least that was what was speculation. It seems that the rumors are on track because according to a new report, the results of the investigation could be revealed on the 23rd of January, 2017, which is basically next Monday.

FAA No Longer Requires Airlines To Warn Passengers About The Note 7
Following the increasing number of reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding, it was understandable that the FAA and airline companies around the world banned the phone from being brought on board. Airlines would also make announcements ahead of flights to remind passengers that they should not possess the phone on their person.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 4K Display Rumored
The Galaxy Note 7 ended up being a disaster for Samsung even though it could have been one of the best-selling handsets. While there has been speculation about Samsung killing the Note lineup, so far it seems highly unlikely that the company would take such a major step. The rumor mill is convinced that there’s going to be a new Note handset this year and it’s now expecting the device […]

Samsung To Share Note 7 Investigation Results This Month
At the moment it’s really anyone’s guess as to what caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets to explode not just once, but twice. Some experts have weighed in and suggested that Samsung’s aggressive design was to blame, but as far as the official reason is concerned, Samsung has yet to say anything.

Analysts Say iPhone 7 Not Good Enough To Benefit From Galaxy Note 7 Failure
Samsung had high hopes from the Galaxy Note 7 and soon after the device was officially launched, it seemed like this handset was going to be a hit. It appealed to most buyers who found it to be a phablet that they were willing to spend their money on. It all went wrong when the Galaxy Note 7 started catching fire and even though Samsung tried to fix the problem, […]

Samsung Malaysia To Power Down Note 7s By End Of 2017
As you’ve probably heard by now, Samsung is planning on disabling remaining unreturned Galaxy Note 7 handsets. In the US that process has already begun with T-Mobile’s Note 7, and it seems that in other parts of the world, such as Malaysia, Samsung is planning on doing the same thing as well.

T-Mobile Rolling Out Note 7 Update To Disable Charging
In case all the notifications and reminders, battery limitations, and monetary incentives weren’t enough to get users to return their Note 7 smartphones, Samsung has turned to their last resort which is to push out an update that would effectively kill off the smartphone, and it seems that the Note 7 handsets at T-Mobile will be the first to receive it.

Virgin Flight Hit With ‘Galaxy Note 7’ WiFi Prank
We get that giving your WiFi SSID’s clever names can be funny sometimes, but sometimes it can be downright distasteful. Just the other day we reported that a flight was cancelled because a passenger thought it was funny to name his/her WiFi hotspot “Galaxy Note 7”, which in case you didn’t know, is banned from being brought on board planes.

95% Of Note 7s In Singapore Returned, Remaining Will Be Disabled
With the various incentives that Samsung has been offering customers to get them to return their Galaxy Note 7 handset, not to mention the danger that comes with owning one of the phones since they seem to be prone to exploding, it isn’t surprising that many users have since returned their handsets.