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Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9+ Arriving In The U.S.
Samsung often releases new color options to drive sales of its flagship smartphones and it’s doing just that later this week. The company has confirmed that it’s bringing the new Sunrise Gold color option for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ to the United States. Customers will be able to purchase the flagship in this color option starting June 24th.

Galaxy S9+ Reportedly Outsold All Smartphones In April 2018
Despite reports that the sales of the Galaxy S9 have not been up to Samsung’s expectations, it appears that the handset has been performing relatively well in the market compared to its rivals. Market research firm Counterpoint has released new data which suggests that the Galaxy S9+ was the best-selling smartphone in April 2018, overtaking the iPhone X in the process.

Samsung Galaxy S9 ARCore Support Finally Arrives
It was first reported in March that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will get support for ARCore in the coming weeks. It has actually taken a couple of months for this to happen but Samsung’s 2018 flagship now finally has support for Google’s augmented reality platform. These aren’t the first Samsung handsets to get support for the platform as the company’s 2017 flagships already have ARCore support.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Sales In South Korea Have Hit 1 Million
The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the company’s latest flagship smartphone and according to a report from The Investor, Samsung has recently confirmed that the Galaxy S9 has managed to hit 1 million units sold in South Korea. It sounds like a lot of phones and a number we’re sure many companies would love to hit, but it seems that it pales in comparison to its predecessors.


Galaxy S9 Call Issues Fixed With New Update
Some Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners complained about call issues with their new Samsung flagships soon after they picked one up. The handsets did receive a firmware update last month which brought the security patch for the month of April 2018 but it didn’t bring a fix for these issues. The company has now rolled out a separate update for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ which reportedly fixes […]

Samsung Is Adding More Bloatware To The Galaxy S9
If you ask most smartphone users what would they like more of on their devices, I’m pretty sure none of them will say bloatware. That’s what you call apps that people don’t really need but have pre-installed on their phones anyway because the OEM or carrier didn’t give them an option. Samsung has now inked a new distribution deal with Verizon-owned Oath to add more bloatware to the Galaxy S9 […]

128GB, 256GB Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ Now Available Stateside
Before the Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched, there were rumors about possible storage options which included 128GB and 256GB configurations. However when the phone was eventually launched in the US, what we got was the 64GB version which for some might seem a bit lacking.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Sales In Korea Have Apparently Hit Record Lows
In the past whenever Apple and Samsung have released new flagship phones, they were almost guaranteed a success, but fast forward to today, it seems that neither of these companies are seeing the same stellar sales that they once did. In fact over in Korea, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t selling as well as Samsung would like.

Samsung Shuts Down Reports Of Galaxy S9 Battery Issues
Like many of its previous flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 features chips from Qualcomm and Samsung in different markets. It’s normally the North American market that gets the Snapdragon variant whereas most markets receive the Exynos-powered flagship. Such is the case with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ as well. Some recent reports have suggested that the Exynos-powered variant is lacking in the battery department compared to its Snapdragon counterpart. […]

Samsung Is Also Using Sony's Camera Sensor For Galaxy S9
While Samsung develops its own camera sensors, it does source them from other sensor suppliers such as Sony too, particularly for flagship devices. The company created a new camera sensor for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ which brings features such as slow-motion video recording at 960fps and a variable aperture. It turns out that Samsung is not completely relying on camera sensors from its semiconductor division, the Galaxy S9 […]

Unlocked Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9+ FM Radio Will Be Enabled Soon
Samsung’s flagship handsets have had FM radio support for years but the chips were usually locked down which meant that they couldn’t be used to access local radio stations. Samsung had confirmed not too long ago that it would partner with NextRadio to enable the functionality and while it works just fine on carrier-branded units, those who own an unlocked Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ in the United States are […]

Samsung To Look Into Galaxy S9, S9+ Touchscreen Dead Spots
Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have only just launched but it seems that there might be some issues with the hardware right out of the gate. According to multiple reports, it seems that there are quite a few Samsung customers who are experiencing dead spots on their touchscreen display.

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ To Get ARCore In The Next Few Weeks
With Google officially launching ARCore last month, this meant that some handsets announced earlier this year would not be launched with support for the feature. This included Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users, but the good news is that it looks support for ARCore for both handsets are expected to arrive in the next few weeks.

SquareTrade Tests The Samsung Galaxy S9’s Breakability
Back in the day feature phones were built like tanks where dropping them several times weren’t an issue and we did not have to worry so much about cracked displays or crack chassis (think Nokia 3310). However these days high-end flagship phones are designed to look amazing, but it seems that companies might have forsaken durability for design.