Now that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been launched, we’re sure many are wondering if Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone has what it takes to beat their rival, Apple and the iPhone X. For those wondering about performance, EverythingApplePro has put together a speed test video in which they compare the speed of the Galaxy S9+ to the iPhone X.

It should be noted that both phones obviously feature different hardware and software, which means that how each software and hardware component handles the processes will be different. However looking purely at the performance, it seems that the Galaxy S9+ held its own and beat out the iPhone X.

The iPhone X when it comes to loading fresh apps and processing things like huge image or video files is the clear winner, which allowed it to take the lead in the first round. However either due to it sporting less RAM or due to the way iOS handles memory, it isn’t quite as good when it comes to relaunching apps that have already been opened.

This allowed the Galaxy S9+ to overtake it in the second round and come away the clear winner by a pretty decent margin. This is something Apple definitely should look at for future phones, whether it be a software update or a hardware upgrade, but in any case if you have some time to spare, you can check out the comparison in the video above.

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