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‘Fortnite’ Could Return To iOS Through GeForce Now This October
As it stands, Fortnite is not officially available through Apple’s App Store. The removal of the game was due to Epic violating Apple’s App Store rules, which later led to the lawsuit between Apple and Epic. What’s interesting about this lawsuit is that it looks like we might have an idea of when the game could return to iOS.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Will Cost $10 For New Subscribers
One of the appealing aspects of NVIDIA’s GeForce Now streaming service is that it was priced at $5 a month. This made it pretty affordable, but now it looks like if you did not sign up before, you’ll have to pay a higher price of $10 a month which will be applicable to all new subscribers moving forwards.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Updated With M1 Mac Support
If you’re one of the early adopters of Apple’s new M1 Mac computers, you might be interested to learn that NVIDIA has recently updated its GeForce Now game streaming app where it will now be officially supported on the M1 chipset.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Is Now Playable Through Chrome
If you’re looking to check out a game streaming service, one thing to consider is its availability. For those who are looking for a service that offers a wide array of choices when it comes to streaming, then NVIDIA’s GeForce Now might be worth your consideration, especially with the latest update to the service.


You Can Now Stream NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Through Safari On iOS Devices
While Apple has relaxed its rules regarding game streaming services on its iOS devices, it is still somewhat restrictive as it would require companies to individually submit the games that would be playable through the service. The idea is that Apple wants to ensure that the games meets its own set of rules and regulations.

Apple Will Finally Allow Game Streaming Services To Run On iOS...With A Catch
A couple of years ago, Valve attempted to launch its Steam Link app on the iPhone, but it was rejected. For those who are unfamiliar, Steam Link was basically a game streaming app that allowed gamers to stream Steam games from their accounts to their mobile devices. Apple cited App Store guideline violations as a reason why they rejected the app.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Will Lose Games From Microsoft And Warner Bros.
When NVIDIA’s GeForce Now first launched, it was off to a great start where many praised the streaming service. However, in the months that followed, the platform started to lose publishers as some of the bigger names pulled out and stopped licensing their games to the platform, making it less appealing each time.

2K Games Has Been Removed From NVIDIA’s GeForce Now
When NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service first launched out of the beta, many had praised the service saying that this is what Google Stadia should have been. However, it seems that since the service’s release, it looks like GeForce Now is losing games rather quickly.

NVIDIA Shield Gets The Full-Fledged GeForce Now Service
NVIDIA’s GeForce Now streaming service lets users stream games on their PC and Mac. The company offered a similar service with the same name for its Shield set-top box as well but it didn’t offer the full experience like it did on PCs. The company said last month that it would upgrade the GeForce Now service for the device in the coming months and that update has been announced today. […]

GeForce Now Goes Free For NVIDIA Shield
NVIDIA launched GeForce Now in 2015 after testing its GRID game streaming technology for a few years. As the name suggests, the service enables NVIDIA console owners to stream a variety of PC games provided that they have a good internet connection and are paying monthly for the service. There’s good news for GeForce Now members as the company has decided to make GeForce Now free for the NVIDIA Shield.