fortnite season 2If you’re a fan of Epic’s Fortnite and are hoping to see it come back to iOS again, you could be in luck. While the app itself won’t be returning, a post on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now website has revealed that the game will be coming back to iOS devices through the company’s game streaming service.

For those unfamiliar, GeForce Now is a game streaming service from NVIDIA. It can be played through various platforms, including iOS devices where gamers can actually stream games through their mobile Safari browser. What’s a bit funny about this situation is that both NVIDIA and Epic are using perfectly legal workarounds to get onto iOS.

This is because Apple has very strict requirements for streaming apps, which honestly feel a bit unrealistic. So what companies like NVIDIA and Google have done is made their services streamable through Safari, thus allowing them to deliver games onto iOS devices without having to submit to Apple’s rules or pay the company a cut from subscriptions or purchases.

The beta for Fortnite on GeForce Now is expected to go live later this month, and assuming all goes well, it should be made available to the general public after that, but when exactly is anyone’s guess.

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