Some of the most popular GIFs are made from scenes or moments in popular TV shows and movies which can then be used as a response in an appropriate situation online. Video streaming service Hulu thought it would be better if users had a much easier way of searching for search GIFs, and that’s probably why Hulu launched its own GIF search engine. Its called “The Perfect GIF” and is powered by Tumblr otherwise known as the home of GIFs.

Don’t think of The Perfect GIF as a conventional Tumblr blog that Hulu is operating. It’s a different experience which lets users search for GIFs based on title, tag, action involved or even the reaction.

This will be an easy way for Hulu to put its branding in front of as many people as possible. GIFs obtained through this tool will be branded with #Hulu, the respective network’s logo and the show’s name.

It remains to be seen though if this sits well with GIF purists who really do apologize when another purist points out that they’ve posted a GIF that has a network logo or some other overlay.

The Perfect GIF from Hulu has more than 1,400 GIFs from some of the most popular shows on its service, shows by major networks like NBC, ABC, Fox, MTV, Bravo, Showtime, FX and many more.

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