Imgur is a network that is undoubtedly going to keep the GIF alive forever. Most of the GIFs I come across everyday can easily be traced back to the vibrant Imgur community so its only fitting that this service launch a tool which makes it easier for people to create them. That’s just what Video to GIF does. It’s the Imgur GIF maker we have all been waiting for.

As the name suggests this tool can be used to quickly make a GIF out of a streaming video like the ones you find on YouTube. Though Imgur clarifies that most of the time this tool will create a “.gifv” file which is pretty similar to the conventional GIF format and the only noticeable differences are seen in the way they’re played back.

Conventional GIFs are very easy to share but Imgur’s GIFVs are not. Though they stand out in quality. They’re high quality clips that can load fast and don’t weigh too much. To share them one needs to insert the correct embed code which is something you don’t need to do when sharing GIFs.

Embedding a code isn’t difficult at all but its not what many would call easy or efficient. It takes a couple of more seconds and that might not seem like too big a deal once you compare it with the quality that GIFVs bring.

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