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Lyft Apparently Tried To Sell Themselves To Apple, Uber, And More
A report from last week revealed that Uber rival Lyft had apparently attempted been courted by the likes of GM in the past, but apparently the deal fell through and never materialized. However according to a report from The New York Times, it seems that Lyft had also tried to sell themselves to a bunch of other companies.

GM Was Reportedly Interested in Acquiring Lyft
Ride-sharing services like Uber have really taken off, which is why it isn’t surprising to see many companies try to come up with Uber alternatives. For example Lyft is a prime example of a competitor, and in China it seems that local alternatives are so much bigger than Uber that they could actually buy Uber out.

GM Expands Maven Car-Sharing Service
It was back in January this year when GM announced Maven, its new car-sharing service, the service is quite like Zipcar and it has turned out to be quite popular in the four months or so that it has been around. The company announced today that more than one million miles have been driven by users and that’s a big milestone considering the service has only been available in selected […]

Self-Driving Chevy Bolts Spotted On The Streets Of San Francisco
An announcement made a couple of weeks ago revealed that GM and Lyft would be working together to help create self-driving cabs. The idea is that it will use the company’s Chevy Bolt models as its base and thanks to the folks at SpiedBilde, it seems that the testing of these vehicles is already well underway.


GM And Lyft Start Testing Self-Driving Cabs In A Year
General Motors and Lyft have teamed up to work on self-driving cars and for this purpose, the former has invested $500 million in the ride-sharing service. According to a new report, we’ll see the fruits of their partnership within one year. GM and Lyft are planning to start testing self-driving cabs in one year. The plan is to put self-driving Chevrolet Bolt cars on the road where they will pick […]

GM's Self-Driving Cars Will Be Launched With Lyft In Austin, Texas
Conventional car manufacturers are getting serious about self-driving technology since they’re not the only ones competing in this arena, you have tech companies like Google and possibly even Apple working towards the same goal. General Motors recently made a huge investment for this purpose and it has now revealed that it’s first self-driving cars won’t be released to consumers directly but will be initially provided to ride-sharing platform Lyft.

GM Is Testing An Apple Watch App That Can Open Your Car Door
It used to be that seeing characters on the movie screen where they can summon their cars to them and control their cars via their watches or phones was considered science-fiction, but fast forward to today, seeing car manufacturers creating apps for smartphones and smartwatches is starting to become commonplace.In fact according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the folks over at General Motors (GM) are testing an […]

OnStar Hack Allows Remote Car Starts, GM Developing Fix
As modern vehicles become connected they also become vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Only recently it was demonstrated how hackers can remotely gain access to a Jeep and run it into a ditch even while being miles away from the car. Hacker Samy Kamkar has discovered a vulnerability in OnStar which can allow hackers to remote unlock and start the car.

Former GM CEO Warns Apple About Entering The Car Business
Earlier last week, a rumor surfaced in which it was suggested that Apple could be working on an electric car of their own and had a team of hundreds already in place. Now whether or not these rumors hold any merit, they have certainly opened the doors to a lot of debate and speculation, and former General Motors CEO Dan Akerson is the latest to weigh in on the rumor.Speaking […]

GM’s Super Cruise Cadillac Comes Close To A Self-Driving Car
When it comes to self-driving cars, there are still many different kinds of restrictions and limitations to think about, especially when it comes to revamping the different road and highway rules around. GM might have something interesting up their sleeves for us this coming 2017 when they roll out the new Super Cruise Cadillac, which is touted to be as close to a self-driving car as possible from GM. In […]

Ford And GM Face Lawsuit Over In-Car CD Ripping
It seems that Ford, a company that will ditch the BlackBerry and provide iPhones for some of its employees, alongside General Motors who are working on wireless charging capability for its vehicles, are under scrutiny by the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies. Both Ford and GM were named in a class action lawsuit due to the fact that some of their vehicles feature CD-ripping capability, where the music industry […]

General Motors Work On Wireless Charging In Vehicles
It is not all smooth going for certain companies out there in the market, considering the highly competitive environment that they are in right now. General Motors is one of them having announced a slew of recalls earlier this month. Still, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, right? General Motors has revealed that they do have plans to introduce wireless charging pads within some of the Cadillac […]

GM Executive Thinks Google's Self-Driving Cars Could Be A Threat
Google is not a company known for their automobiles, although the company does have plans to develop one that can drive itself. However it seems that Google’s plan for a self-driving car is apparently important and big enough where GM’s executive VP of global product development, Mark Reuss, felt that it could be seen as a threat in the automobile industry.Speaking to Bloomberg, Reuss was quoted as saying, “Anybody can […]

OnStar 4G LTE Offers Data For As Little As $5/Month
OnStar and General Motors have worked together to make sure that your ride in the future will not only be safe and comfortable, but also be connected so that you never have to worry about not being in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi network anymore. OnStar intends to usher in a new generation of connected vehicles from June onward by throwing in in-vehicle 4G LTE, where it will roll out […]