Chevrolet has made great efforts to use new technology in its cars. And in a bid to reduce weight in the Corvette, the company has announced it will be using a lightweight shape memory alloy wire to replace motorized components used to open and close a hatch release vent. So what exactly does this lightweight shape memory alloy wire do? Basically it’s a wire made from copper-aluminum-nickel or nickel-titanium.  The wire’s chemistry allows it to change its shape when subjected to heat, electric current or pressure. The smart bit is that the wire remembers its original shape and goes back to its original form when deactivated.This makes it an ideal candidate for opening and closing jobs and hence its use in the 2014 Corvette’s The specific vent for which it will be used, releases air trapped in the trunk and helps close the trunk lid easier. GM is in the process of putting the wire to greater use in its car, and is in the process of replacing roughly 200 motorized parts of a typical car. This will allow for greater weight reduction. It doesn”t seem so important from the outside, but as the number of electronic system climbs, the cabling ni cars has become a major subject of research. Official press release

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