gm apple watchIt used to be that seeing characters on the movie screen where they can summon their cars to them and control their cars via their watches or phones was considered science-fiction, but fast forward to today, seeing car manufacturers creating apps for smartphones and smartwatches is starting to become commonplace.

In fact according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the folks over at General Motors (GM) are testing an Apple Watch that would allow users to unlock their car door and even start their engines. The app was shown off during an analyst presentation but for now, the app is under testing meaning that we don’t know when it will be released.

However like we said, such apps are becoming more common. For example earlier this month, Ford announced that their MyFord Mobile app would be coming to smartwatches where it pretty much offers the same features. Companies like Volvo and Hyundai have similar apps that were launched earlier in the year as well.

Of course we’re still a long way from actually being able to drive our cars remotely using our phones or watches (think James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies), but if anything this seems to be a step towards that, as dangerous as it might sound!

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