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Google Patent Hints At More "Normal" Looking Google Glass
It’s pretty easy to spot someone wearing Google Glass because of the way it has been designed, it makes it pretty obvious that the wearer isn’t wearing a regular pair of glasses. This can be detrimental to the wearer if they were to encounter hostility from others who might not appreciate the technology due to privacy concerns.It is also not very discreet, but could Google be planning a version of […]

Google Glass Trials Being Offered In Select Cities
Are you interested in Google Glass but would like to have the opportunity to try one before you buy one? After all it is a $1,500 investment which is quite steep for a wearable device. Google has been slowly expanding its Glass platform and after opening up sales of the Explorer Edition to the general public it is now offering free Google Glass trials in select cities.

Google Glass Creator Heads To Amazon
About two months back Babak Parviz, the man who founded and led the Google Glass project at the Mountain View company, stepping aside to hand over the helm of the Glass team to VP Ivy Ross. He also led the contact lens project at Google. Now though Parviz has said goodbye to Google for good as he joins Amazon, a company that has been slowly building up its presence in the hardware […]

Flappy Bird Clone For Google Glass Released
Google Glass has been around for over a year and while it still costs $1,500 the hardware itself has gone through multiple revisions and the software has been greatly improved. There are tons of new applications available for the wearable device and even games have landed on Glass. Nothing Labs has released a Flappy Bird clone for Google Glass, allowing anyone with a unit to play a knockoff of the popular […]


Google Glass Banned In UK Cinemas
Its not like there hasn’t been enough debate about the privacy issues surrounding Google Glass, but that won’t stop establishments from dropping the banhammer on this wearable device. Recently we saw a movie theater chain in the U.S. ban Glass and now merely days after the wearable device went on sale in its first international market, some cinemas in the UK have collectively decided to ban Glass in the interest […]

Google Glass Gets Handful Of Glassware Just Before I/O 2014
We expect Google to talk about Google Glass tomorrow. If you don’t know what’s happening tomorrow, its the day the company’s annual developers conference takes place. Its been a busy week for Glass anyway. Just yesterday the wearable device was finally made available for sale in a country other than the U.S. Interested customers in the UK can now pick one up through the Play Store. Just before Google I/O […]

Google Glass Goes International
Google’s wearable device has had no shortage of coverage over the past year. Google Glass was initially offered to a select group of Explorers who were required to be U.S. residents. Even though the company opened up the Explorer Program recently the device was only being offered in the U.S. Now though the wearable device is finally available in another country. Interested folks can purchase Google Glass in the UK […]

Google Glass DVF Now Available For Purchase
While some do consider Google Glass to be somewhat stylish and futuristic, there are some who feel like the device could do with a bit of a fashion makeover. Now if you’re one of those who think that Google Glass could look a bit more stylish, you’re in luck because Google Glass DVF has since been released.Google announced the release via their Google+ page and for those unfamiliar, Google Glass […]

Old Folks Try Google Glass, Hilarity Ensues
A few months ago there was a video where they filmed childrens’ reactions to using a rotary phone. Now some of us have used rotary phones growing up, so we know how they work. Children, on the other hand, have grown up with regular phones, or even smartphones so the concept of a dial just seems so foreign.That being said, it seems that TheFineBros are back with a new video, […]

Google Glass Could Be Used In Museums
We do know that museums are serious places to be in, and anyone who runs around like a headless chicken while making plenty of noise, treating it like some sort of hide-and-seek place is anathema. In the past, we have seen how museums try to keep up with the times despite housing extremely ancient exhibits, such as using a Nintendo 3DS as a museum guide, and this time around, technology […]

Google Glass XE18.1 Update Delivers More Features
It was not too long ago that the XE17.3 update for Google Glass was spotted, and here we are with the latest firmware update for the Google Glass that will carry the version number XE18.1. This latest update will cater to those who cannot wait for the World Cup to kick off, since it is capable of delivering the latest information on all 32 teams in the World Cup. All […]

Google Glass Banned By Movie Theater Chain
Even though Google hasn’t formally released the Google Glass wearable device to the public as yet, countless “Explorers” have already been playing around with the device for over a year now. Naturally some of them have even got in trouble. There was one explorer who got a ticket when she was driving with Glass on and one recorded a street fight and arrest. Some businesses have already banned the device and the […]

Artist Creates WiFi Jammer For Google Glass Wearers
While there are some who wholeheartedly embrace Google Glass, there are those who completely shun it. In fact we have heard reports of violence against those who wear Google Glass, even when that violence is uncalled for. So what’s a better way of ensuring that everyone gets their wish? Well how about a Google Glass jammer?Berlin artist Julian Oliver has written a simple program which he is calling What […]

Google Glass To Be Worn By Cops In Dubai
Google Glass has all sorts of use as we have seen in the past. We’ve seen how it can be used for medical purposes, and now over in Dubai, it seems that Google Glass can also be used for law enforcement purposes. Yup, you read that right, police officers over in Dubai have begun sporting Google Glass devices and are being trained in them.Custom apps have also been developed for […]