google-glass-atmWhen you are at an ATM with a long queue behind you, it pays to be wary, especially if the city you’re in happens to be in a foreign land and is famous for pickpockets. There might be some PIN thieves behind you, who cannot wait to get a glimpse of your ATM’s PIN number before relieving you of your wallet and its contents afterwards through an accidental bump. Well, Google Glass, when working alongside the Ubic system, might prove to be a deterrent to PIN thieves. How does it work? When the user, who wears a pair of Google Glass, walks up toward an ATM, “identifies himself” to it. The Ubic software will see the ATM identify the user’s unique digital Google Glass signature, where it will then respond by showing off a customized QR code on its screen.

To the rest of the world, including other Google Glass wearers, will notice that the code remains unreadable to them but you, the user. Your Google Glass can read that QR code, where a one-time PIN is shown in lieu of the code right on the inside of the lens. You will then use that generated PIN to perform what you need to do at the ATM, and this PIN is good for a one time use only.

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