kassir-glassA plastic surgeon from New York City, Dr. Ramtim Kassir, claims that the Google Glass he wears is now an indispensable part of his practice on Park Avenue. Google is currently ramping up the availability of their Google Glass eyewear so that just about anyone can purchase a pair this coming April 15th for $1,500 a pop, and Dr. Kassir hopes that using Google Glass will help others see that they might want to give this piece of wearable tech a go.

Make no mistake about it – Dr. Kassir claims that Google Glass is a whole lot more than a connected toy. He uses it in the operating room to record operations, as well as check up on his patient’s medical records, all without having to raise a single finger. Apart from that, wearing Google Glass would enable him to send out live video streams of surgeries to medical students, while projecting patients’ new looks on a screen as a replacement for the traditional mirror. In fact, there was one client who kept the video of her procedure, and can relive moments from her sinus surgery and rhinoplasty at her own convenience. I don’t know, I would not want to do that, but to each his or her own.

Do you think that Google Glass has a bright future in the world of medicine?

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