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Google To Add Obstruction Removal To The Pixel’s Camera
Have you ever tried to take a photo and only to realize that something is in the way? Or maybe because you don’t really have a good vantage point and can only snap from where you are? Unfortunately these are situations that many a photographer finds themselves in from time to time, but Google wants to fix that.

Google Trademarks ‘WorldSense’, Possibly VR Related
Google I/O 2017 is kicking off today and according to one surprising rumor, it is that Google could be launching a standalone VR headset. Now thanks to a recent trademark sighting, it seems that there could be more evidence of this happening as Google has filed for a trademark for the term “WorldSense”.

Google To Launch Dedicated VR Headset At I/O 2017
Google’s interest in virtual reality (VR) is pretty well-known, what with the launch of the Google Cardboard headset and the Daydream platform. In fact last year it was rumored that Google could be throwing their hat into the ring with a dedicated VR headset similar to that of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Sony PlayStation VR.

Google I/O 2017: What to Expect
So far every year for the past few years without fail Google has hosted its annual Google I/O event, and this year the company is back with the 2017 version. Just like Microsoft’s BUILD conferences or Apple’s WWDC, Google I/O is mostly about software and services, where Google will introduce new software and potentially launch new services for its customers to check out, and we expect that this year will […]


Google I/O 2017 Confirmed For 17-19 May
Last week Google posted a mysterious puzzle which many seemed to speculate could be about revealing the dates for Google I/O 2017. Turns out that when you have the collective internet trying to solve such a puzzle, it didn’t take long before it was speculated that the answers to the puzzle are for the dates 17-19 of May, 2017.

Google Tweets Mysterious Puzzle, Hints At Google I/O 2017
Just like how Apple has WWDC, Google has Google I/O in which the company’s latest products, projects they are working on, and the development of Android, Chrome OS, and the likes are announced. This year’s Google I/O dates have yet to be confirmed, but it seems that maybe Google could be hinting at when.

Google Confirms They Will Be Building Their Own VR Headset
A couple of days ago, Google announced their Daydream virtual reality platform. Along with the announcement, they also announced that they would be releasing a reference design for a virtual reality headset which is basically Google’s take on headsets like the Gear VR. This seemed to have refuted earlier rumors that Google would be building their own headset.

This Is What YouTube Could Look Like In Daydream
YouTube and virtual reality working hand in hand isn’t new. In fact YouTube introduced 360-degree videos (and live videos) quite a while ago in which you could watch it using the Google Cardboard or other devices like the Samsung Gear VR. However with Google announcing Daydream at Google I/O, things are going to be taken to the next level.

Google Play Will Have An ‘Early Access’ Section For Open Betas
Do you consider yourself a trendsetter, or maybe an early adopter when it comes to trying out new things? If you are, you might be interested to learn that during I/O 2016, Google announced some changes that they will be making to the Google Play Store, and one of those changes is the inclusion of a new “Early Access” section.

Google Partners With IMAX To Develop Virtual Reality Camera
Right now there are several virtual reality cameras available in the market, but of course to develop high-quality virtual reality content, there will need to be more professional cameras made, which is kind of what Google and IMAX are doing according to a recent announcement made about their upcoming partnership.

Google Confirms Android Apps Will Soon Be Arriving On Chrome OS
Last month thanks to a screenshot, it was hinted that Google could soon allow Android apps to run on Chrome OS. Then the other day according to the Google I/O 2016 schedule, there was more evidence to suggest that this would be coming. As it stands, Chrome OS could always run Android, but this was extremely limited as Google only worked with a handful of developers at that time to […]

Google Is Making a Cinema-Quality 3D Camera
It was back at Google I/O 2015 that the company unveiled Jump, a VR camera rig that housed 16 GoPro cameras coupled with smart processing and sharing software all of which was aimed at making it easier for professionals to capture content in virtual reality. It appears that Hollywood has taken a liking to Jump which is why Google has decided to make a cinema-quality 3D camera rig, and for […]

Android Auto Will Soon Be Able To Run On Just Your Smartphone
Earlier today during Google I/O 2016, the company announced that an updated version of Android Auto would be on its way later this year with a feature that we’re sure many car owners can appreciate. Right now Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay requires users to own a compatible vehicle, or at least a vehicle with a compatible infotainment system which newer models sport.

Google's New Android-Backed VR Platform Is Called Daydream
We expected that Google will talk about virtual reality at the I/O 2016 developers conference and it most certainly did. Google today announced Daydream, an Android-backed virtual reality platform that covers both hardware and software. The company also showcased reference designs for VR headsets and motion controllers that will be based on the Daydream platform. It confirmed some of the partners that will be making Daydream compatible devices.