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SoundHound’s “Hound” Beta Blows Away The Competition In Tests
Earlier this month you might recall that music identification tool SoundHound launched their own voice assistant software called Hound. The app is currently in beta but so far from initial impressions, it seems that many were very impressed with Hound’s capabilities. Well if you’re wondering how it stacks up against the competition, wonder no more.The folks at have conducted a test between the various voice assistant features on multiple […]

SoundHound Debuts “Hound” Voice Assistant App
When it comes to voice assistant features, having it baked into your operating system is probably the best as it would allow deeper control over the entire operating system. However sometimes third-party apps might be more powerful or in tune with what you need, so sometimes users have no choice but to go with a non-native piece of software.That being said if you’re not happy about how the Google Now […]

“OK Google” Hotword Detection Returns To The Galaxy S6
Back in April, we reported that Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners were complaining that the “OK Google” hotword detection appeared to have gone missing on their handsets. The feature was still available but only if it was used within Google’s search app, as opposed to from before where it could be used/activated from any screen.Well the good news is that recently users have started to notice that the […]

Apple’s “Proactive” Feature Will Take On Google Now
When it comes to voice assistant features, Apple has Siri, and Google has Google Now. The latter is admittedly a more feature-rich tool as anyone who’s ever used an Android device can attest to, but apparently this is something that Apple will not take lying down. According to a report from 9to5Mac, things will be changing drastically with iOS 9.According to them, Apple will be introducing a new feature called […]


Google I/O 2015 To Unveil Voice Access For Android Apps
Google I/O 2015 is around the corner and we have a slight idea about what all is going to take place at the much awaited conference, that includes range of latest wearables from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. The event also holds the potential announcement of Google’s upcoming version of operating system succeeding Lollipop, dubbed as Android M.

Google Adds Custom Voice Actions To Google Now For Selected Apps
Google Now supports many voice actions, however these actions have been limited to Google services such as, reminders, and Google cards. In the latest development, Google+ Android Developers have announced new personalized voice actions, which will launch Google Now to third-party applications (certainly via Google).Initially, the company has announced custom voice actions for two partners apps, TripAdvisor and National Public Radio (NPR). To use the voice action, users just need […]

New Google Now Card Informs You When A Product Goes On Sale
Let’s say you’ve been eyeing a new camera but at its current price, it is a bit too expensive for your tastes so you forget about it and hope that either you can save up enough for it, or maybe hope that a sale will take place and it will become more affordable. Now there’s really no telling when a sale might happen, but thanks to a new Google Now […]

Google Now Integrates 70 More Partner Apps, Including Zipcar And Spotify
Google Now is an essential tool for most of the smartphone users, as it enables instant searches. In the latest development, cards in Google Now will fetch you all the information at the correct time and guess what, you don’t have to do anything to set it. All of this will function automatically.

OK Google Feature Oddly Missing From The Samsung Galaxy S6
We have to admit that the “OK Google” feature on Android has to be one of the coolest features on the platform. It’s quick and responsive and seems to be able to understand what we want when we give it commands, but oddly enough it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has decided to omit the feature.Now we should point out that the feature is still there, but it is […]

Google Now Brought To Life With Google Panda
Google Now’s voice search is a pretty awesome feature that Android users have access to. Users can ask it all sorts of questions and it will be able to find an answer to those questions, or at least point users towards that direction, but wouldn’t it be cool if Google didn’t confine Google Now to just Android phones?Well the good news for users and children is that Google has recently […]

Google To Allow Android Devs To Build Google Now Access Into Apps
Google Now is a great feature as it lets us search for information, make calls, compose messages, and more using just our voice. It can also display cards based on our search history and usage that Google thinks will be relevant to us. However if there is a limitation to the feature it is that it is only allowed to comb for information through apps allowed by Google. This means […]

Google Now Starts Displaying Gas Stations On Your Route
Imagine that you’re driving home from the office after a long and hard work day. As you’re driving along you realize that the car needs to be filled up with gas. A quick search will tell you which gas stations are nearby but it won’t exactly point out which of those gas stations are on the route you’re following home. Google Now has fixed this problem. It will now display […]

Google Now Cards Updated With Third-Party App Support
The Google Now Cards feature on Android is pretty useful. It has the ability to remind you of things like upcoming flights, track packages, show you information it thinks you might be interested in based on previous searches, currency exchange rates and foreign language phrases while you’re overseas, and more.However if there is one thing that it lacks, it is that it is missing support from third-party apps. Now as […]

Google Now Launcher Updated With Material Design Makeover
Android 5.0 Lollipop has been out for a while now, but yet some of you guys have yet to receive the update on your phones. We’re sure that for the most part, you will be getting the update eventually pending OEM and carrier approval, but in the meantime if you’re looking forward to having some of the Lollipop experience, perhaps downloading the Google Now Launcher might be the way to […]