Nest is a company that makes a popular smart thermostat of the same name, as well as a smoke alarm. The company was purchased by Google and soon after the deal went through it unveiled a new program called “Works with Nest,” which would allow smart devices to work with Nest products. Google was a partner in this program and it was revealed that later this year Nest users would be able to control their thermostat by saying commands out loud to Google Now. It looks like this feature may soon go live.

Controlling Nest through Google Now would be pretty simple. A command like “Ok, Google, set the temperature to 65 degrees” would be enough to make Nest understand what its supposed to do. This integration hasn’t fully gone live as yet though.

Any such command given to Google Now right now fails to achieve the desired result because it requires you to authorize your Google account so that it can work with Nest. However the authorization hasn’t gone live from Google’s end.

A page has been created for this purpose but once you tap on “Yes, I’m in,” it takes you to a page that hasn’t even gone live yet, so these things have to be worked out before it becomes possible to use Google Now to control the Nest thermostat.

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