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Google’s Pop-Up Store Is Handing Out Cute Sweaters For Your Pixel
You know those Christmas sweaters that you seem to receive on a yearly basis from well-meaning relatives? It looks like those sweaters are now coming for your phone because it seems that Google’s pop-up store in NYC is handing them out for free to Google Pixel owners, where they can dress their phones up to match their outfit.

T-Mobile Stores May Start Displaying Google Pixel Soon
The Pixel is the first smartphone that’s “Made by Google” and it appears to be performing very well ever since it was released a couple of months ago. Google is selling this handset unlocked and off-contract via the Play Store but it has made it exclusive to Verizon in the United States. There’s nothing stopping someone from buying it from Google and using it on T-Mobile. Magenta has been taking […]

Sprint To Turbo Boost Its Flagship Phones In 2017
Do you think that you’re currently getting the best internet speed possible on your phone at the moment? If you think you are, think again because come 2017, it seems that Sprint will be unlocking a hidden feature in its flagship phones that will apparently help to boost their connection speeds.

Google Assistant On The Pixel Can Control The Nest Thermostat
Google Assistant is Google’s new voice assistant platform that has found its way into the Pixel handsets as well as Google Home. However for some reason, Google Assistant was never able to control the Nest Thermostat via the Pixel phones, even though it worked just fine if you were do it via Google Home. At least that’s until now.


Verizon Details Pixel Update Which Might Be Android 7.1.1
You may remember that Google has made Pixel smartphones exclusive to Verizon in the United States in addition to selling the handsets unlocked and off-contract through its online store. Verizon today detailed a new software update for the Pixel and Pixel XL. It’s likely that the upcoming update for the Pixel on Verizon is Android 7.1.1. It may be a version number bump but it’s actually going to be a […]

Google Acknowledges Pixel Camera Freezing Problem
If you are the owner of a Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone and you’re realizing that your camera seems to be freezing up more often than it should, you’re not alone because it seems that Google has acknowledged that this is a problem that they’re looking into, and hopefully we should be able to look forward to a fix in the near future.

Google Pixel VS iPhone 7 In 1,000 Foot Drop Test
Apple’s iPhone 7 is IP67 certified, meaning that to a certain extent, it is both water and dust resistant. Google’s Pixel phones, unfortunately, do not have the same protection rating. However if both phones do share one thing in common, is that neither of them have really been designed to withstand drops, or at least not specifically.

Google Pixel Smartphones Performed Spectacularly On Black Friday
Google released its first “Made by Google” smartphones recently under the Pixel and Pixel XL brand. They effectively bury the Nexus lineup and mark the start of a new era in which Google itself manufactures and sells high-end Android devices. The handsets have done well so far and latest data shows that they performed spectacularly well on Black Friday.

Analysts Predict Google Will Sell 3 Million Pixel Phones In 2016
When the Google Pixel phones were announced, it’s safe to say that many weren’t exactly huge fans of its design. However it seems that despite that, the fact that it would come with the latest build of Android, feature high-end specs, and is more or less promised timely updates saw many customers flocking to the device.

Samsung Pay On Gear S3 Won’t Work On Pixel Phones
Remember the other day when Samsung announced that Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 would be compatible with pretty much every Android phone that is running on Android 4.4 KitKat and above? Unfortunately that isn’t 100% true because it has been discovered that while it does work on many phones, it does not work on Google’s Pixel handsets.

Screenshots From iPhone Appear Wonky On Google’s Pixel Phones
If you take a screenshot on your phone, it is essentially an image. This means that sending images to another device like another smartphone or computer should not be a problem unless the format is proprietary that requires special software to access. So far there have been no issues with phones, or at least that’s until recently.

Verizon Black Friday 2016 Deal Offers Google Pixel For $10 Per Month
Google’s latest flagship smartphone is exclusive to Verizon in the United States and that has done wonders for the carrier’s sales over the past month. Verizon has been spending a lot of money to promote the Pixel as well and now it’s going to be a big draw for customers over the holiday period. The carrier has confirmed that the Verizon Black Friday 2016 deal is going to offer the […]

Pixel Phones In Canada Updated With New Gestures
It seems that over in Canada, Google’s Pixel phones are receiving an update that will bring about a couple of new and useful features to the handset. This is according to a thread on Reddit in which customers from Telus, Bell, and Public Mobile confirm that they are receiving an update to build NPF26J which weighs in around 261MB.

Google Pixel Doing Wonders For Verizon Sales
The Pixel is the first smartphone that’s “Made by Google” and the search giant is making sure that this fact stands out. It hard at work pushing the new flagship smartphone to customers. The company decided to make the Pixel exclusive to Verizon in the United States even though it’s selling unlocked and off-contract versions of the flagship through its online store. The Pixel appears to be doing wonders for […]

Google Clamping Down On Unauthorized Pixel Phone Resellers
According to various user reports, it seems that Google has started to go after unauthorized Pixel phone resellers, and they are going after them hard. The reports are claiming that Google has basically suspended the accounts of hundreds of people who took advantage of a sales tax loophole and made a little profit when reselling their Pixel devices.

Huawei Confirms It Passed On Google Pixel Handsets Over Branding Issues
When Google’s Pixel smartphones only existed in the rumor mill, it was said that perhaps it’s going to team up with HTC to build these smartphones. That didn’t turn out to be true as the company has done the job itself which is one of the reasons why it’s so heavy on the “Made by Google” branding. A report had previously suggested that branding issues had kept Huawei from collaborating […]

Google Pixel Gets Hacked In Under A Minute
A team of white-hat hackers from China was able to hack Google’s Pixel flagship smartphone in less than a minute at the PwnFest hacking competition in Seoul, South Korea. The team demonstrated an exploit which enabled remote code execution on the Pixel. In took them less than a minute to use a zero-day vulnerability to install code on Google’s latest flagship smartphone remotely. This exploit can prove to be very […]

Really Blue Google Pixel Will Be Back in Stock Soon
Google started taking pre-orders for the Google Pixel smartphones on October 4th. It’s offering the handsets in a variety of colors but the one that customers liked the most was the one it calls Really Blue. This color is a temporary U.S. exclusive and it was the first to sell out when pre-orders were opened. The Really Blue Google Pixel hasn’t really been back in stock since but the company […]

Google Clarifies Charging Speeds Of Its Pixel Phones
Recently it seems that there has been some confusion regarding the charging speeds of Google’s Pixel phones. According to this Google+ post, it was found that the Pixel does not charge at 18W despite the supplier charger being of the 18W variety and Google’s website hinting at those speeds.

T-Mobile's Pixel Offer Now Live For Simple Choice Unlimited Customers Too
Google may have made the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones exclusive to Verizon in the United States but it’s also selling the device unlocked and off-contract directly online. This allowed T-Mobile to one-up Verizon by offering 50 percent off the cost of a Pixel smartphone via bill credits to customers who purchased their Pixel directly from Google or any other retailer and brought it over to T-Mobile. This offer was […]