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Pixel Customers Can Get Up To $300 From Verizon On A Trade-In
Google’s new Pixel smartphones are exclusive to Verizon in the United States. No other carrier in the country is selling the handsets directly but T-Mobile launched a new promotion recently for Pixel customers looking to purchase Google’s latest phone in a bid to steal customers from Verizon. Big Red has now hit back with its own promotion.

Google Giving Some Pixel Customers $50 In Play Store Credit
A couple of days ago, Google revealed that they were having trouble keeping up with the demand for their new Pixel phones. Apparently this was because demand for the new phones had exceeded Google’s expectations, which is actually a pretty good problem to have, and because of that some orders are going out a bit later than expected.

Bootloader Unlock For Verizon’s Pixel Has Been Released
The other day we reported that it seems that some developers have figured out a way to unlock the bootloader belonging on the Verizon Pixel phones, and they teased whether or not they would release it to the public. The good news is that it looks like they have decided to, so if you own a Pixel phone bought via Verizon, you might want to check it out.

T-Mobile One Ups Verizon On Google Pixel With $325 In Bill Credits
Many might not have seen the logic in Google making the Pixel smartphones exclusive to Verizon in the United States but if there’s one thing that T-Mobile likes to do is one up the competition. The carrier’s CEO teased yesterday that Magenta will soon reveal some “BIG news” about the Pixel and we now know what that is. T-Mobile is going to give $325 in bill credits to any and […]


Google’s Pixel Phones Could Be Headed For T-Mobile
As it stands, the Google Pixel phones are more or less exclusive to Verizon if you’re looking to buy the phone from a carrier. However we have heard the rumors that it will be arriving for AT&T and while that has yet to be confirmed, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere recently posted a huge teaser on his Twitter which seems to hint that the phones could be headed for T-Mobile too.

Google Releases Video On How To Switch From iPhone To A Pixel
Usually when someone chooses a smartphone platform, they tend to stick with it for years. This is because of the ecosystem in which one has spent money investing in apps and services, so switching to a different platform means having to relearn everything, transferring files, and buying new apps again.

Bootloader Of Verizon’s Pixel Phones Have Been Unlocked
Ahead of the release of the Google Pixel phones, it was revealed that the Pixel phones bought from Verizon would have their bootloaders locked, whereas those bought directly from Google would not. This is a big deal for those who prefer to tinker around with their phones, and a locked bootloader will obviously stop that from happening.

Google To Issue Update To Fix The Pixel Camera’s Lens Flare Problem
As much as smartphone OEMs test their phones before they are sold to the general public, sometimes there are certain things that are missed that are only picked up after the phones are made available. In the case of the Google Pixel phones, more than one user has complained about a weird halo lens flare that appears in some photographs. The good news is that Google has since acknowledged the […]

Demand For Pixel Phones Have Exceeded Google’s Expectations
If you’re thinking of getting yourself a Google Pixel phone but you can’t, don’t worry because you’re not alone, and it seems that Google themselves did not think it would be this much of a problem as the company has since announced that the demand for the new Pixel phones has exceeded their own expectations.

Google Pixel Undergoes Another Water Test, This Time For 1 Hour
Despite Google confirming that their Pixel phones are only IP53 certified, it seems that many are keen to put the phones to the test to see just how long they could survive. Recently we saw a video in which the phone was submerged underwater for 30 minutes and to our surprise, it continued to function just fine.

Google Pixel & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Face Off In Speed Test
If you’re wondering which flagship phone of 2017 you should get, there are a few choices. But if you’ve narrowed it down to either a Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung or the new Google Pixel phones, you’ll be pleased to know that YouTuber SuperSaf TV has recently uploaded a video which compares the speed between both phones.

Google Ran Out Of Time To Make The Pixel Phones Waterproof
When the Pixel phones were officially announced by Google, or actually even before they were officially announced, it was revealed that they would not feature the same level of water-resistance that we have seen from various Samsung phones or the iPhone. Instead the handset was revealed to only have an IP53 rating.

Google To Offer Same Day Repairs For The Pixel
It is a terrible feeling when your phone stops working, whatever the reason is. Usually the repair process can take a while, anywhere between a couple of days to a week, depending on how fast the repair company works. However the good news for Pixel owners is that Google is looking to offer up same day repairs.

Google Pixel Submerged Underwater For 30 Minutes And Survives
A lot of the smartphones these days tend to come with water-resistant features. Samsung has been doing it for a while, and recently Apple has decided to make its iPhone 7 IP67 certified as well, which is why when the Google Pixels were unveiled, it was a bit disappointing to find out that they were only IP53 certified.

Verizon Offering Up To $300 In Trade-In Credit If You Buy A Pixel
Today Google’s Pixel phones are officially available for purchase. You can choose to buy them directly from Google or Best Buy, or alternatively you could buy it from a carrier such as Verizon. If you’re trying to decide who to go with, Verizon is trying to make your decision a little easier by offering up to $300 in trade-in credit.

Google’s Pixel Phones Are Now Officially Available
If for whatever reason you might have missed out on placing a pre-order for the Google Pixel phones, or if you’re only learning about them now, not to worry because starting from today, you will be able to purchase the handset without having to worry or deal with pre-orders as both the Pixel and Pixel XL will be officially available today.

Google's 4K Chromecast And Daydream View VR Headset Go On Sale
Google conducted an event a couple of weeks ago to show off some new hardware. It was at its event on October 4th that the company launched the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. It also launched a handful of other products at the event, such as the 4K-ready Chromecast Ultra as well as the Daydream View VR headset. Both the streaming media player and headset are now available for purchase […]

Google’s Pixel Phones Guaranteed Android Updates For At Least 2 Years
We guess it makes sense that after a few years, a company might be less inclined to keep its products updated and instead choose to focus on their newer products. However how long should a company keep its products up to date to be considered fair/reasonable? For current and would-be Pixel handset owners, Google’s answer is 2 years.

Google Assistant Has A Pretty Fun ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Easter Egg
Easter Eggs in software can sometimes be fun. Take for example Google Assistant in which thanks to the folks at ArsTechnica, they have stumbled across a trivia show-like Easter Egg that users can play and participate in with Google Assistant when you launch it and say, “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

First Batch Of Google Pixels Have Already Been Sold Out
There has been a bit of polarizing opinions regarding Google’s new Pixel phones. Some have decried it as it seems to be going against what the Nexus phones used to stand for, which was a stock Android experience, but Google seems to have decided to include some Pixel-exclusive features instead.