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How To Update Android Apps
Change Google Play Store apps update settings to update apps Automatically or Manually.

Google Yanks Nexus 5 And Original Chromebook Pixel From Play Store
Ever since the Nexus 6 was launched last year the Nexus 5’s availability on the Google Play Store has been spotty at best. It has been in and out of stock a couple of times. Before 2014 ended red and white versions of the device had disappeared from the Play Store altogether. The black version remained in stock at times but now its time is over as well. Nexus 5 is […]

Motorola Turbo Charger Can Now Be Purchased From Play Store
Last month a listing for the Motorola Turbo Charger was spotted on the Google Play Store. At the time this accessory was listed as “coming soon,” so one couldn’t really say when it would be available for purchase, well the wait ends today. Motorola Turbo Charger listing is alive and well on the Google Play Store which now allows customers to purchase this accessory.

YouTube On Android To Comes With A Built-in Video Trimming Feature
You can now trim and upload videos from your Android device all in a same app. The latest update to the YouTube app on Android has offers a new useful feature which allows the user to trims video right before uploading their video online.Previously, users are required to either upload an entire video shot with their devices or edit it with a third party app. And it seemed that such […]


Ads Are Coming To Google Play Store Search Results
Google’s ad products are what generate much of the company’s revenue. There are ads in search results, ads in YouTube videos and ads on almost every other website on the internet that are powered by the company’s AdSense service. Safe to say one can assume that Google would expand its ads products to some of its other offerings as well when it feels that the time is right. That’s precisely what […]

HTC Zoe App Gets An Update
Well, well, what do we have here? It looks as though HTC is not content with merely updating their HTC Video Player app on Google Play, they have also decided to push out an update to its HTC Zoe app. The HTC Zoe app is a photo sharing program, and as with every other self respecting app update, this particular one will be accompanied by a handful of new features, […]

Google Play Reportedly Overtakes App Store In App Quantity
People have long compared the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store primarily because they service two of the most widely used mobile platforms in the market. Given Android’s open-source nature and licensing the platform is ahead of iOS in smartphone market share but now it appears that for the first time the Google Play Store has overtaken the App Store in overall app quantity.

Nexus 9 And Nexus Player Available Now From Google Play Store
It has merely been two weeks since Google announced its new crop of Nexus devices which included the much rumored Nexus 9 tablet, as well as the company’s first Android TV powered streaming box. Both products were available for pre-order soon after they were unveiled but if you happen to be one of those people who like to take their sweet time in making up their minds about purchasing a […]

Google Glass Explorer Edition Now Available From Google Play Store
Google’s wearable device, Google Glass, has been around for quite some time now. Initially only a select few people were invited to participate in the Explorer Program. The company then expanded this program to bring in more “Explorers.” But a few months back Glass was finally opened up for sale and it was even made available across the pond in the UK. Now Google has listed Glass on its biggest […]

Google Play Store Update May Take Out The Pain From App Restoration
Word on the street is that Google is building a cross-device app restoration feature into the Google Play Store application. The feature would allow users to not only restore all of their previously installed applications but also restore app data. Apparently users will be able to choose which backup to restore, all backups from an Android smartphone or tablet will be associated with their Google account.

Google Play Store PayPal Support Finally Added
It may be similar to Google Wallets but that hasn’t stopped the Mountain View company as recognizing its importance as a payments provider. Today finally the Google Play Store PayPal support has been rolled out. Android users around the world can now pay for content purchase through the store using their PayPal accounts.

Google Sued By Mother After Son Racks Up In-App Purchases
Countless parents have been in this situation where their kids rack up insane amounts of in-app purchases, often digital currency, paid for by real money charged to the parents’ accounts. Certain bait apps exist in both the App Store and Google Play Store which entice users, games gear this towards kids, to make in-app purchases. Such apps are often free, but offer items as expensive as $99.99. A woman from […]

Google Play Store Birthday Sale Goes Live
Good news for the countless Android users out there looking to get the maximum bang for their buck on the Google Play Store. To commemorate its second birthday, the Google Play Store birthday sale has now kicked off. Discounts are being offered on a wide variety of content so there’s bound to be something for everyone. It has been two whole years since the infamous Android Market was phased out […]

Androidify App Revamped Ahead Of The Holidays
A couple of years ago the trend of creating your custom Android mascot really caught on, thanks to the Androidify app that Google released. Since then the trend has died down and the app hasn’t received any attention. Out of the blue, Google today released a major update for the app. It has been revamped with a new user interface as well as new outfits that work well with the […]