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Google Play Store Game Categories To Be Expanded In February
These days, a mobile platform’s success hinges on the app ecosystem, there’s no doubt about that fact. Platforms such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry have had a hard time catching up with behemoths like Android and iOS simply because they have a much better ecosystem. Its not only apps that make users’ lives easier, its also about mobile gaming. Most users actually prefer gaming on their handheld devices now rather […]

BlackBerry 10.2.1 Purported Screenshots Hint At Google Play Store Access
BlackBerry first allowed PlayBook users to install Android apps on the tablet, hoping that allowing Android apps would attract more users seeing as how the company’s own app market isn’t exactly bursting with quality applications. Installing apps wasn’t easy though, users had to sideload them on to the tablet. This didn’t change with BlackBerry 10, which opened up the new BlackBerry smartphones to Android apps. Direct Google Play Store access […]

Google Play Store To Put Apps Designed For Tablets Front And Center
There a perception out there that the Google Play Store doesn’t really have that many apps designed exclusively for tablets, despite the fact that there are a plethora of apps available on the Store. The perception isn’t true at all, there are a ton of apps available which have been designed only for tablets. Nevertheless, the internet search giant is going to make a few changes in the Play Store which […]

HBO's Game Of Thrones Now Available On Google Play Store
The fourth season for HBO’s wildly popular Game of Thrones is a little over five months away from being released. But if you’re not an HBO subscriber, the only other place you could catch up on your Game of Thrones addiction was through Apple’s iTunes Store, leaving many non-iTunes users probably resorting to pirating new episodes of the show. If you’re an Android owner, you’ll be happy to hear Google has […]


Seven HBO Original Series Available Now From Google Play Store
HBO makes some of the most popular TV series viewed in the U.S. and around the globe. However, those who don’t subscribe to HBO or HBO Go don’t have any other means of accessing the content apart from going down the pirate route, which is illegal. That’s probably why the folks at HBO decided to offer another alternative, one that doesn’t require any subscription. Seven of the most popular series […]

Leaked Twitter App Optimized For Android Tablets
The official Twitter app optimized for Android tablets has leaked out. At Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin, quite a few people spotted the new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet running a tablet optimized version of the official Twitter app. It isn’t available to the public as yet, however the apk file has been leaked, which can be used by anyone willing to test the app out on their Android tablets. At […]

Nexus 7 2 Now Available From Google Play Store
A couple of days ago Google finally announced its new Nexus 7 tablet. Before the actual announcement, the pre-order page for Nexus 7 2 went up on Best Buy’s website. The page essentially confirmed all of the rumors we had previously heard about the device. Nevertheless, the page was taken down shortly after that. At the official announcement, it was said that the new tablet will be available from July […]

Google Rolls Out New UI For Google Play Store On The Web
Back at I/O 2013 Google had promised that it would be revamping the user interface of the web version of Google Play Store. They’ve come through on their promise, the new user interface has gone live today. It makes the overall UI a lot more clean and sleek. There’s the left-side navigation bar that we’ve seen in other Google services. Google Play Store now also has cards, which present information […]

Galaxy S4, HTC One Google Edition Available Today [Update]
The Google Editions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are available today on Google Play Store.

16GB White Nexus 4 Sold Out On Google Play Store
The 16GB white Nexus 4 has sold out already at Google Play Store, indicating that there is strong demand for this device. The 8GB white Nexus 4 is currently available, and so are the variants in black.

New Google+ App With Auto-Awesome Launched For Android
Google has released a new Google+ Android app. Major improvements have been made to the photo and location features.

SwiftKey 4.1 Update Brings Three New Themes
There’s certainly no shortage of virtual keyboards for Android devices, but SwiftKey has proven to hold its own ground in this particular niche. SwiftKey 3 actually became the top paid app on Google Play last year. Today version 4.1 of this keyboard has been released. This update brings three new themes, Pitch (black), Dusk (navy-blue) and Regal (purple). That’s not all, the price of SwiftKey 4.1 for Android tablets and smartphones […]

Google Play Store Receives New Design Prior to I/O Keynote
It seems like it was just last month when Google launched its redesign for its Google Play Store, and today, we’re hearing about another update to the Google Play Store just mere hours prior to the Google I/O keynote.The Google Play Store version 4.1.6 isn’t a complete overhaul like last month’s update, but instead some of its buttons, wish list design, consistent menu text and a few minor visual tweaks, such […]

New Facebook Home Features Detailed Ahead Of Update Release
Today at its Menlo Park Headquarters in California, Facebook detailed new features that the first update of Facebook Home is going to bring. Previously the social networking giant had confirmed that Facebook Home’s first update will be releasing in May. Three new features that have been detailed include Dock, Dash Bar and a new user experience. Later today at 3PM PST Facebook for Android update will be released on Google […]