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You Can Now Buy 4K Movies From Google Play
There have been several reports over the past couple of weeks that Google has started rolling out 4K content in Google Play but it wasn’t available for everyone and those who did see the option noticed that the company wasn’t charging different prices for it. That changes today. You can now buy 4K movies from Google Play.4K video content is now available for rent for purchase via the Google Play […]

Malicious Apps Infect More Than One Million Google Accounts
Security firm Check Point Software Technologies has released a new report which reveals that malicious apps masquerading as legitimate apps for Android devices have infected more than one million Google accounts linked to tablets and smartphones. These apps exploit known flaws in the Android operating system to remotely control the device and install other apps without the user’s knowledge or consent.

How to Install The Google Play Store
There may be a need to install the Google Play Store when you do not have it pre-installed or if you are facing any kind of issues with the current version and you want to update the Google Play Store. Also, if you are not happy with Google’s speed of rolling out the Play Store updates in your country, you can also choose to manually update it.

Play Store Will Now Suggest Unused Apps To Uninstall For More Space
We never seem to have enough storage on our phones, and if it’s one that doesn’t support microSD cards, then we’re always in the middle of a constant battle to delete stuff or move content to the cloud just so we can clear up some space. Google is willing to help out in that battle. It has added an uninstall manager in the Google Play Store app for Android, it will […]


Google Restores Samsung-Backed Ad Blocker To The Play Store
Samsung recently updated its internet browser with an API that enables ad blocking plugins to tap into it and block ads and tracking for users when they’re browsing the internet using Samsung Internet. Merely a couple of days after Adblock Fast, Samsung’s launch partner for this initiative, gained tens of thousands of downloads Google removed it from the Play Store. Today it has restored Adblock Fast to the Play Store.

Google Play Store China Launch Rumored For February
Google has been out of the Chinese market for quite some time now but there have been rumors recently that the company might be considering heading back to the People’s Republic. It has been reported multiple times that in the coming year the Google Play Store is going to be launched in China, and as per a new report today, the launch may take place as soon as February 2016.

Google Play Store Now Supports Fingerprint Authorization For Purchases
Controlling access to a mobile device is the basic job of a fingerprint scanner, they’ve been around on smartphones for a few years now but most haven’t gone beyond making sure that the right person is accessing the device. Now though fingerprint sensors are capable of doing so much more, with Google even providing them the ability to authorize purchases made in the Google Play Store on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

$50 Amazon Tablet Can Access Google Play Store
Amazon has established itself as a player in the tablet market and recently the company shook things up by announcing a new entry level tablet that costs just $50 and is even being sold in six-packs, you can actually buy a six-pack of this new Fire tablet like you would buy a six-pack of beer just to get more bang for your buck. Many thought that Amazon will keep the tablet […]

Google Reportedly Putting Together Play Store Affiliate Program
If a new report is to be believed Google is working on an affiliate program for Google Play that’s not unlike the one that Apple has for its online content store, the affiliate program is said to be in early stages of development at this point in time and the possibility exists that it might either be shelved completely or changed significantly between now and the time it goes public.

Google Play Prepaid Cards Launched In India
It was reported recently that Google might officially announce the launch of its prepaid cards in India and now an official announcement from the company has come through on its country-specific blog. Starting today users in India can opt for Google Play prepaid cards to purchase digital content from the Google Play Store. The prepaid cards option is likely to get good traction in this emerging market where people still might […]

HBO Now Heads To Android
HBO confirmed its internet TV streaming service at Apple’s Spring Forward event in March and as reported, the service was made exclusive to Apple’s devices for three months. That exclusivity has now ended. It has been confirmed today at Google I/O 2015 that HBO Now is coming to Android, the standalone application will soon be available from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp For Android Material Design Update Now Available For All
Millions of WhatsApp users on Android have been anxiously waiting for the app to be updated for the past few months, when the company made it clear that it will be bringing voice calling to the app. It ultimately did and in just a couple of updates the much awaited voice calling feature was activated for all of its users. Then came Material Design’s turn and while the app with the […]

Pre-Registration For Apps And Games Goes Live On Google Play Store
Whenever a hot new product arrives on the market people line up for hours to get their hands on it, what if you were waiting for a new app and games and would want to get in line so that you could instantly get it as soon as it went live? You can now figuratively get in line for select upcoming apps and games on the Google Play Store as […]

How To Delete Android Apps
Uninstall apps from your android phone using different methods, and choose the one which fits you best!