Smart TVs are the norm these days, they let users browse the internet, install apps, make Skype calls and watch YouTube videos. These TVs often come with a YouTube app that offers them direct access to the video streaming service. Google has reportedly been employing “coercive sales tactics,” which are being criticized by manufacturers of smart TVs. Many manufacturers opted for open-source HTML5 instead of Google TV as the platform for their products. These manufacturers are said to put their products through “browser conformity tests” at Google’s U.S. HQ, they’re also told to put the YouTube app on the main service page.

An ET News report claims that smart TV manufacturers are criticizing Google for violating their right of choice, an unnamed industry source cited is of the view that Google telling manufacturers where they should place the YouTube app is an act of coercive sales tactics. Google reportedly grants this browser conformity certification after several months, which means that manufacturers often have to deal with product launch delays. Samsung is said to have waited for up to three months. Such issues are not faced by those who opt for Google TV. Google hasn’t issued an official response for these allegations.

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