Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, GMail, Google Docs or Google Map, and it has also made a very successful entry into the mobile handset market with its Android mobile operating system. The company was created in 1998 and went public in 2004. Google is one of the most visited site in the world.

Google Will Start Paying Publishers For ‘High-Quality’ Content
Google is primarily a search engine, but over the years, we’ve seen how the company has expanded on what they offer to users in terms of services and features, where they want to do more than just help people search for information. Now it seems that Google has moved one step closer to launching its own news service.

Apple Will Make It Easier To Port Chrome Extensions Over To Safari
If you’re someone who has bought into Apple’s ecosystem, you know how easy Apple makes it to sync across your devices. This is not a bad thing, save for Safari in which in terms of the number of extensions available for it, it simply isn’t quite on the same level compared to the likes of Google Chrome.

Google Will Add Fact-Checking Labels To Google Images
Images can be easily manipulated. For example, it can be edited in a way to add or remove information. It can also be used in articles that are misleading. As such, it is not necessarily a bad idea to be a bit skeptical and wary when you see images online and not take it as the truth, but now Google wants to make your life a bit easier.

How To Connect Your Laptop To A TV
Need to connect a laptop to a TV? Maybe you want a bigger screen for watching movies, surfing the web, or making presentations, and here’s how you can do it.


Future Versions Of Chrome Will Be Less Of A Memory Hog
One of the main criticisms of Google’s Chrome browser is that it is a memory hog. While the browser is fantastic and the integration of your Google account makes it a breeze to use, it can be quite demanding in terms of memory which can affect users who are using less powerful computers with less RAM.

Google Photos Print Subscription Service Will Be Shutting Down
One of the perhaps lesser-known features of Google Photos is that there is an optional subscription service where for $8 a month, users would be able to print ten of their best pictures automatically selected from the previous month. It was an interesting feature, although we’re not sure how many people actually took the company up on their offer.

Chromebooks Could Get On-Device Google Assistant In The Future
The problem with a lot of digital assistants is that the processing is usually done in the cloud. This is why sometimes when you ask digital assistants like Siri a question, it can take a while for it to respond, but that’s something that Google will be changing with Google Assistant where last year, they announced that they would be baking Google Assistant into devices like their Pixel phones.

This Awesome Google Chrome Extension Lets You Create Links To Highlighted Text On A Page
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Google had made some changes to its search tool where if you were to click on a link at the top of the search page with an excerpt, you would be taken to the page where the excerpt has been highlighted in yellow which will make it easier for you find what you were searching for to begin with.

Android 11 Will Come With A Hidden Trash Can So You Can Retrieve Deleted Files
On your computer if you deleted a file, it would end up in your computer’s trash can. This is done to help you potentially retrieve files you might not have intended to delete, but accidentally done so. However, on your phone, there isn’t anything quite like that, and while you can retrieve deleted files, it’s not so straightforward.

Google Will Default To Using Phone Notifications For Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentications are a great way for you to secure your online accounts. This is because even if a hacker were to guess your password, the one-time generated code used by 2FA systems means that they will not be able to log into your account as these codes are generally sent to your phone.

Google Updates its WiFi Routers With Better Internet Optimization
Internet speeds can vary due to a lot of reasons. For example, someone in your home could be hogging the bandwidth which could slow down your speeds. It could also be due to you being in an area of the home with bad coverage, which can also impact your speeds. Then there could also be issues with your ISP that could also have a negative effect.

Google Duo For The Web Now Supports Group Calls For Up To 32 People
Google Duo has been around for a while now, but due to the pandemic, they are no doubt seeing an increase in usage where people working and studying from home are making more video calls than ever. The good news for those who use Duo is that if you prefer using the web version of the platform, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has since increased the number of […]

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able To Run Windows Applications
Google’s Chrome OS platform runs either apps designed for Chrome OS, or in recent years, even Android apps. However, the good news for Chrome OS users is that in the future, you will soon be able to run Windows applications on Chrome OS. This is thanks to a partnership between Google and Parallels.

Google Testing Hiding Website Addresses In Chrome’s URL Bar
Want to know that the website you’re currently visiting is the correct one? One way to check would be its URL, where if you’re visiting a website that proclaims to be your bank’s website but displays a different address, then you know something could be wrong. However, for some reason, Google wants to mess around with that notion.