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Researchers Make It Possible To Track Sharks In Real Time
Summer is coming to a quick close as Labor Day weekend is nearly upon us, which means you soon won’t be able to head down to your local beach, lake or pool and take a quick dip as it’ll the temperatures will start to dip very soon. Although if you live in the southern part of the U.S., you can completely disregard that last sentence as it’s pretty much party […]

Fake GPS Signals Send Yacht Astray
Well, well, it seems that you might want to upgrade your navigational systems on your multi-million dollar yacht after hearing this news – researchers from the University of Texas claimed to have succeeded in generating fake GPS signals, and this effort was not done through a computer program performing a brute force hacking, but it required several years of work and mistakes before the team managed to spoof GPS (Global […]

Garmin Announces Monterra Android-Powered Handheld GPS
Garmin is dipping into the Android waters again, this time with its Monterra, which is a dedicated handheld GPS.

Navevo Unveils ProNav HGV Cyclist Software To Warn Drivers Of Cyclist Traffic
Cyclists seem to always get the raw deal, with pedestrians complaining when they cycle on the sidewalks, and with motor vehicle owners complaining about cyclists if they cycle on the road, especially since they aren’t as readily visible compared to cars or maybe even motorbikes. Looking to strike a bit of harmony between cyclists and drivers in general, navigation company Navevo has teamed up with Transport for London and released […]


TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watches
Back in January 2011, TomTom partnered with Nike to launch the Nike+ SportWatch GPS at CES. Today, the Netherlands-based company is releasing its own GPS watch lineup, and the first products are the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport.The recent advances in wireless and sensors, in connection with the components and app development price drop, have enabled the democratization of wearable technology. The recent launches of the popular Jawbone Up […]

Game Golf Uses Sensors To Help Improve Your Performance
Being able to hit the fairway and greens in golf video games is pretty easy as long as you always consider the wind as well as the numerous small imperfections on any course. But doing the same thing in actual golf can be quite the challenge, especially if you don’t consider yourself to even be a golf amateur.A new program from San Francisco-based developer Game called Game Golf can help […]

Open Sight: Laser GPS Navigator for Everyday Cyclists
Good news for cycling enthusiasts. Open Sight is a GPS device for cyclists who use their conventional devices like smartphones and GPS devices.  With a conventional device, the rider has to take their eyes off the road to look up directions, but not with this new conceptual GPS device. Open Sight comes with a directional line which will guide the rider on their journey. “The Open Sight GPS beams out […]

TomTom Rider, A Motorcycle GPS Guidance System
TomTom has just launched their GPS for motorcycles named TomTom Rider. In a press release from Amsterdam, the company introduced design and features of the GPS device: “With TomTom Rider, bikers can not only choose where to go, but more importantly how they want to get there,” said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom Consumer. “We listened to feedback from motorbike communities to create a device that was customized for the way […]

In-City GPS Tracking Accuracy Improved By Up To 90%
Everyone who has driven with a GPS in a big city knows that there are spotty places where the GPS signal reception is difficult because the device loses line of sight, or because buildings are reflecting and bouncing  the GPS signal around. The end result is a dramatic loss of accuracy which can mean the missing a critical turn. Scientists from Spain have devised a way to improve the positioning […]

Man Shot Dead After Arriving At Wrong House, No Thanks To GPS
What kind of horror stories have you heard about using a GPS navigational device in the past? Well, there was this elderly lady who drove 900 miles in the wrong direction, but this one takes the cake for us so far, assuming that the GPS directions were somewhat “responsible”. According to friends of the deceased, a man’s GPS sent him to the wrong house, and the home-owner allegedly shot him […]

New Watch Could Help Reduce Rape In India
The gang rape that happened in India on December 16th last year brought about plenty of national as well as international outrage, with the victim ending up dead. What else can be done to help offer a certain degree of protection to the girls and ladies who want to move around safely? The Indian Centre for Development of Advanced Computing is currently formulating plans to develop a new device, which […]

Rand McNally Foris 850 Handheld GPS Device
Dedicated GPS navigation systems are a dying breed these days as most modern day smartphones and tablets have their very own navigational software that is more than adequate to get around, but there are a few situations where a dedicated GPS device would come in handy. Rand McNally narrowed down their target to this market segment by introducing the Foris handheld device. Known as the Foris 850, it has been […]

China Makes Beidou GPS System Compulsory In Vehicles
The Chinese government has upped the ante when it comes to sat nav wars with notably, the US, as China has recently mandated the use of its new satellite navigation system Beidou (BDS) in several classes of vehicle throughout nine provinces. According to the Ministry of Transport, the provinces that would have to comply to the new decree include Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan and Guizhou, in addition to […]

Bottles Equipped With GPS Used To Track Drug Thieves In New York
OxyContin, a morphine-like opioid that is used to treat moderate to severe pain, is one of the leading causes of prescription drug abuse. In New York City alone, violence driven by pill addiction is growing, with numerous robberies and homicides reported since 2011. In a bid to end the problem, the New York City Police is giving away “bait bottles” equipped with GPS tracking devices to pharmacies. The NYPD hopes […]