[CES 2013] Love getting around on all two wheels – the kind that are pedal powered? If you have nodded your head and are just about to pull on that helmet of yours, hold on. The Garmin Edge 810/510 has just been announced at CES 2013, where they would work best with the Garmin Connect mobile app. Basically, the Garmin Edge 810/510 is meant for cyclists who want accuracy and reliability when keeping score of their statistics and location for racing, training and recreation purposes. The Edge 810 and 510 are said to be Garmin’s first dedicated cycling devices that offer real-time connectivity, where it will merge with the most popular aspects of the industry-leading Edge 800/500 while throwing in advanced connected features thanks to the augmented power of a smartphone.

With real-time weather updates available, it would be the ideal tool for training, touring and riding on the trail. Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales, said, “With these new connected Edge devices, riders can continue to expect robust data, industry leading accuracy and durability that cyclists have come to know from Garmin. Using the connectivity through smartphones, we will enable cyclists to take advantage of features such as real-time tracking and instant uploads, while keeping their phones safe in their saddle bags and relying on the power of the Edge on their handlebars, to provide accurate data in all conditions.”

I would think that you might want to get a real robust protective case for your smartphone as you can never quite tell what would happen when you go off the beaten trail. The Edge 810 comes with a sleek 2.6” color display, up to 17-hours of battery life, a redesigned and simplified touchscreen interface, while the Edge 510 was specially designed for performance driven cyclists, being a light-weight (80g) compact option. The Edge 810 and 510 will retail for $499.99 and $329.99, respectively.

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