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CoPilot Enables GPS Navigation On Wi-Fi Only iOS Devices
CoPilot claims that approximately half of the 400 million iOS-powered mobile devices sold are of the Wi-Fi only variety of the iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini, which also means the lack of a dedicated GPS receiver underneath the hood, and CoPilot intends to change that by transforming these Wi-Fi only devices into a full-powered voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation unit. This is made possible thanks to a partnership between CoPilot […]

GPS Takes Elderly Woman In Wrong Direction For Over 900 Miles
In a world post-GPS, we know many of you absolutely trust your guidance systems whether it be dedicated GPS devices or Google Maps, but if we learned anything from GPS misguidance reports in Australia, it’s that you shouldn’t trust your GPS completely, especially if you’re driving over 900 miles due to an error.According to a story in El Mundo, a 67-year-old woman drove for over two days accumulating 900 miles driven in the […]

Garmin Oregon shoots photographs and keeps you on the path
[CES 2013] If you’re a fan of camping or exploring and you would like to cut down on the amount of devices you carry with you, you’re in luck. Garmin has just announced the launch of its new Oregon (600/600t and 650/650t) GPS devices. More than just a GPS, the Oregon features a built-in 8MP autofocus camera for you to capture memories, landmarks, or interesting events that occur on your […]

Garmin 2013 Nuvi Range Announced
[CES 2013] Garmin has just announced their 2013 nüvi range of Personal Navigation Devices at CES 2013, and you would be spoiled for choice for sure. Granted, most of us rely on the GPS chipset in our smartphones and tablets these days to get around, so is there still room for a dedicated personal navigation device for the year 2013? Read on to find out.Garmin’s latest range of PNDs are […]


Garmin Edge 810/510 Caters To Cyclists
[CES 2013] Love getting around on all two wheels – the kind that are pedal powered? If you have nodded your head and are just about to pull on that helmet of yours, hold on. The Garmin Edge 810/510 has just been announced at CES 2013, where they would work best with the Garmin Connect mobile app. Basically, the Garmin Edge 810/510 is meant for cyclists who want accuracy and […]

LockStar Announces GPS-Enabled Watches To Help Track Family Members
Families who are caring for children, the elderly or anyone with a mental illness have enough to worry about, one of which is completely losing them and not knowing where they are or where to find them. If your family member doesn’t know how to work a mobile phone or can’t recall your phone number in order to ask for your help when they need it, then losing them could […]

Garmin Navigon Gets Glympse and Foursquare Integration
Garmin has issued an update to its Navigon software (iOS and Android) that adds Glympse and Foursquare support. Foursquare is a social game in which you compete with your friends by “checking in” various places. You can earn points, badges and ultimately a shot at becoming the “Mayor” of those locations. Foursquare is also handy to save and find cool places to visit.

Microsoft Research’s CO-GPS Delivers Better GPS With Improved Battery Life
We all know that using a device that has GPS navigational capabilities would drain the battery life of said device at an incredible rate, but sometimes, that is a necessary evil, especially when you are constantly on the road and need to get around in an unfamiliar territory. The reason behind it is this – GPS eats up your battery fast because of the sheer amount of information that it […]

TomTom for Android makes its way into the Google Play store
Good news Android users, if you weren’t fully satisfied with the navigational capabilities of Google Maps and wanted something a bit more “robust”, well you might be happy to learn that TomTom has officially landed in the Google Play store. It will cost the same as its iOS counterpart, although right now TomTom has priced it $10 cheaper which means that Android users can expect to fork out $49.99 for […]

Birds with backpacks assist researchers in studying migratory patterns
I suppose the image of picturing birds with backpacks tend to see my mind be drifted to Daffy Duck or Donald Duck carrying a backpack, but in real life, things are very different as researchers from the University of British Columbia have strapped a couple of British Columbia subspecies of Swainson’s thrushes with penny-sized, state-of-the-art geolocators, in order to help them map out the birds’ wildly divergent migration routes as […]

Creepy marketing campaign "will find you" with GPS-equipped candy bars
If you’re a secretive person in the UK, you might want to stay away from Nestle candy for the next few weeks. Nestle’s new marketing campaign, called “We Will Find You,” has embedded six GPS trackers in in candy such as Kit Kat bars in an attempt at a Willy Wonka-style promotion. The difference is in the movies, you saw your Golden Ticket when you unwrapped a bar. In real life, […]

GPS brogue shoes guide you to your destination
Getting GPS navigation on your smartphone or tablet is cool but it can be weary to look on the screen every other minute to find the next turn towards your destination. Imagine how convenient it would be if you could somehow tell your shoes about your destination and they guided you towards it. No more peeking at GPS screens every other second.Such is the concept design of GPS brogue shoes […]

CoPilot Live gets Apple Maps integration
The iPhone 5’s announcement yesterday did prove to be rather underwhelming for some, where one of the updates include Apple’s Maps, which is Cupertino’s new proprietary mapping and navigation app that will make sure that iPhone users will not miss Google Maps on iOS too much. In conjunction with the iPhone 5’s 4” display, CoPilot Live has been specially optimized for the taller display for an incredible widescreen navigation experience. […]

Apple Patent Talks About Syncing iPhone And Car
Apple’s patents often allow us a peek into where the company may be headed. The company has now been granted a new patent which shows that it may be trying to find ways to sync an iPhone with a vehicle.What makes this patent even more significant is that Scott Forstall is among the list of inventors. Forstall is the senior vice president of the iOS software division at Apple and […]