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The Gresso Regal iPhone Case Will Cost More Than The Phone Itself
When it comes to luxury smartphone cases, Gresso is probably a brand you’ve heard of before. In the past the company has created a variety of luxury cases designed for the iPhone in mind, and it looks like they’re back with their latest creation as part of the Gresso Regal iPhone series of cases.There will be three models that Gresso has unveiled in the form of the T1, T2, and […]

Gresso Regal Gold Oozes With Luxury
When it comes to luxury smartphones, you know for sure that there aren’t too many models out there, although there is a very good reason for that – how many people do you know are actually able to fork out insane amounts of money on a smartphone, which apart from the jewels that are encrusted on the outer chassis, will see the innards end up obsolete not too long after […]

Gresso Regal Black Edition Announced For $5,000
Gresso is a company who has released luxury smartphones in the past, like the Gresso Black that was priced starting at $2,500. Well it looks like Gresso is upping their game because the company has recently taken the wraps off their latest luxury smartphone in the form of the Gresso Regal Black Edition.How much will this model cost? Well try twice that of the Gresso Black at a whopping $5,000! […]

Gresso Unveils Radical Black Luxury Smartphones
When the term “luxury smartphone” is put out there, we’re not talking about a phone with high-end specs or hardware, but rather a phone that’s made from premium materials that usually comes attached with a expensive price tag. Such devices are usually quite disappointing in terms of their hardware, but then again we’re guessing these consumers are more interested in its look and design, rather than its performance.That being said, […]


Gresso's Radical R1 Titanium Smartphone Will Set You Back $1,800
While most of us quibble over how a phone uses more premium materials compared to another phone, let’s not forget that there are companies out there who probably scoff at our petty arguments because what’s a little bit of glass and aluminum, especially when their phones are encased in even more premium materials like gold, and in some cases incorporate the use of rare stones too! Gresso is one of […]

Gresso Cruiser Titanium Is The World's First Polished Titanium Mobile Phone
For the rich and profile-conscious, Gresso is the brand to be endorsed. After taking the wraps off its luxurious iPhone 5 bumper last year, the company is now announcing a new one-of-a-kind phone that is made from polished titanium. Enter Gresso’s Cruiser Titanium series, available in three models – Cruiser Titanium, Cruiser Titanium Black, and Cruiser Titanium Solid – priced at $2500, $2000, and $1800, respectively. The Cruiser Titanium combines […]

Gresso's Regal Titanium luxury phone will cost you $4,500
If there’s one thing that can be said about luxury phones is that they tend to be made out of premium quality materials. They might not necessarily be the best designed phones, nor the most powerful, but it’s certainly quite hard to beat materials such as diamonds, titanium, and other rare gems. That being said, luxury phone maker, Gresso, is back with another luxury phone offering in the form of […]

Gresso's $3000 bumber case for iPhone 5
Today is probably the best time for iPhone accessory makers to promote their product or brand. In this case, Gresso is coming out with a $3000 iPhone 5 bumper case aimed at the 0.1%. I’ve seen aluminum case like this go for $250 in Japan and I thought that it was already ridiculous. However Gresso has up the ante with a $3000 titanium case that will be manufactured in a […]

Gresso Cruiser Air Black going for a cool $1,700
I am not quite sure about you, but when it comes to spending money on a new phone, I would say the ceiling price would be approximately $600 thereabouts for an unlocked unit, and at that price point, the pocket already hurts like hell – which leads me to ask the question, would you want to shell out $1,700 for the Gresso Cruiser Air Black? This new exclusive luxury handset […]

Gresso Grand Monaco now in Pure Black
Gresso, a company known for creating luxury devices has just announced the launch of a new addition to its Grand Monaco lineup. Called Pure Black, it looks pretty much just like the original Grand Monaco in terms of design, but instead of being silver and black, it’s just all black this time around and features round steel buttons on the keypad.

Gresso Grand Premiere is one expensive phone
While Nokia plans to exit the super luxury phone business with the sale of Vertu, it isn’t the last we’ll see of overpriced feature phones on the market. Gresso, another company that develops pricey handsets, has recently launched a new addition to its Avantgarde Collection. Called the Grand Premiere, this feature phone might not be as functional as your iOS or Android device, but for what it lacks on the […]

Gresso launches iPhone 4 Time Machine Lady Blanche edition
Looking to bling out your iPhone 4? If you have the spare cash, then perhaps it’s time to let the professionals do it for you. Gresso, for those unfamiliar, is a company that specializes in modifying phones to make them look more luxurious and unique. Ranging from exotic woods to precious stones and gold, nothing is too fancy for the company. With their latest offering made specifically for the white […]

Gresso Luxor World Time Phone Features Six Clocks
One thing is for sure- when you have money to spend, there are always things for you to buy. Gresso has just launched their new limited edition phone- the Luxor World Time, and time doesn’t come cheap. This posh phone comes with 6 independent Swiss clockwork mechanisms for you to tell the time of 5 major cities around the world and one for you to set to your home or […]

Gresso Online Cell Phone Boutique
How would you like to be able to customize your phone like how you’d pick accessories for your dress/suit? Gresso, who is already quite established in coming up with luxury devices, is offering a rather interesting way for you to personalize your phone. It now offers an Online Boutique, where you can choose from almost 40 combinations to create a unique cell phone. You can even get your initials or […]