We’re fairly used to seeing cloned stuff come out of China, but sometimes the fake products can offend certain parties. One such case is when an amusement park located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, featured a large statue that is an exact copy of the popular Gundam robot from Japan, albeit with a garish paint job. The amusement park had to cover the statue after photos of it surfaced online and caused a stir. When asked to comment about it, the park’s manager claims that the statue was an original creation and they’re surprised and plan to make some adjustments now that they know a similar project exists elsewhere. The park also claims that the statue is 20 meters tall when it’s really 15 meters, giving you the impression that it’s larger than the official 18 meter Gundam statue in Japan. Perhaps they should find a way to animate these robots and have them fight against each other instead…

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