Love really large Japanese robots that can either protect or devastate an entire city, packing in more firepower than what the US military could ever muster? Well, Gundam fans can soon experience the power of Gundam in their cars, thanks to a new range of Gundam-themed car merchandise such as cup-holders, ashtrays and even phone charger units.

All eight items will come in the form of the head of one of three characters who are familiar from the anime – the MS-06S Zaku II, MS-07B GOUF, and iconic RX-78-2 Gundam itself. The cup holder and ashtray will by far and large be one of the more useful releases among the entire range.

As for the phone charger’s cord, it will actually hook up to Zaku’s nose, and ashtrays will also light up for that added sci-fi effect. Depending on which accessory you choose, they will cost anywhere from $23.75 to $29.75.

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