haier-roku-tv[CES 2015] It seems that there will be spanking new Roku TV models that will hit the market later this year, and among them would be those from Haier. In fact, the new Haier Roku TV models will be out by the time Q3 2015 rolls around – which should provide you with ample time to plan your budget so that you can own one of these puppies when they hit the market. The Haier Roku TV models will sport Haier’s excellent picture quality and slim bezel designs alongside the simple and easy-to-use Roku streaming experience, resulting in consumers being able to access to over 2,000 streaming channels, which would make it the largest lineup of streaming channels available on a smart TV over in the U.S.


The Haier Roku TV 4 Series Smart LED TVs will come in a range of sizes, and depending on your living room and budget, you can choose from 32” to 65” models. Those who opt for the 40” model or larger will enjoy Full HD resolution alongside a Sound Chamber which produces enhanced sound quality, not to mention the inclusion of superior dampening, improved mid-range response, cleaner and deeper bass, and overall richer sound texture.

With Roku TV, one can access the Roku Channel Store, which will include more than 2,000 streaming channels that boast of 200,000 plus movies and TV episodes, in addition to live sports, music, news, and fitness among others Roku TV will also boast of the unrivaled Roku Search capability so that consumers are able to locate just what they are looking for.

There will also be the 3.5 series of Roku Ready TVs out later in the first quarter, being non-connected TVs which will arrive bundled with the Roku Streaming Stick. A little bit of something for everyone hardly hurt, right?

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