IFA is the CES of Europe, and this year’s edition has already seen plenty of devices introduced to the market, ranging from smartphones to TVs and even robotic vacuum cleaners – but so far none has dealt with Brain-Computer Interface Technology (BCI), at least not until today, where it will work in tandem with a Smart TV from Haier.

Haier will provide the Smart TV, while NeuroSky’s ThinkGear technology will make up the Brain-Computer Interface Technology (BCI) segment, making this particular “idiot box” a first of its kind in the world. Basically, you will be able to interact with your Smart TV using nothing but your brains. No need to worry about the remote control running out of juice, right?

If you happen to be at IFA 2011, you might want to drop by Haier’s booth to check out just how this new Smart TV works. It will interact with viewers using NeuroSky’s MindReader headset, where your brainwave patterns will be detected and translated into digital signals that the TV is able to recognize. Guess you now need to provide power to the MindReader headset instead of the remote control… [Press Release]

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