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iPhone Maker Foxconn Says Wuhan Virus Won’t Affect Its Production Schedule
With reports of the Wuhan virus making its rounds, this is no doubt going to be disruptive for the everyday lives of people, which unsurprisingly could also affect businesses. Recently, there have been reports suggesting that it could have the potential to affect the production schedule of devices like the iPhone, which are manufactured in China.

AI Predicted The Wuhan Virus Outbreak Before Everyone Else Did
As many of you are familiar by now, there is an outbreak of a new coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China. It is a pretty serious issue as it seems that despite the best efforts by China, the virus has managed to spread to various parts of the world and there have also been reports of infections in the US.

Apple Is Working On Preventive Healthcare Technology
We’ve known for a while that Apple is interested in the health technology sector. The Apple Watch is a prime example of that interest, where the device comes with several health monitoring tools such as a heart rate monitor and an ECG, both of which have managed to save multiple lives in the past.

Researchers Might Have Found A Way To ‘Treat All Cancer’
Right now when it comes to treating cancer, researchers and doctors are still very much on their quest to find the cure and the answer to treating it once and for all. Now it looks like a team over at the Cardiff University might have stumbled upon a new discovery that could be groundbreaking.


Man Loses 140 Pounds By Playing Pokemon GO
When Pokemon GO was first released, one of the (perhaps) unintended side-effects of the game was that it forced players to walk around a lot, and as such, it allowed players to do more exercise than they normally would. Now it looks like we have a success story where a student claims to have lost 140 pounds playing the game.

Fitbit’s Wearables Now Support Blood Oxygen Tracking
If you own a Fitbit device, you might want to check for a software update because according to reports, it seems that the company has quietly enabled blood oxygen tracking on some of its wearables. This includes devices like the Fitbit Versa, Ionic, and Charge 3, where some users are reporting seeing the new feature.

Australian Man Is First In The World To Undergo A Robotic Kidney Transplant
For hundreds of years, medical operations have been done mostly by humans. This is why it is important that surgeons are competent and aren’t sleepy or drunk or on drugs while they operate on patients. This is because a wrong move, even a small one, could potentially result in a patient losing their life.

Gamer Saves Teammate’s Life Despite Being 5,000 Miles Apart From Each Other
Due to the fact that a lot of the world is connected, it’s not surprising that when we play games, more often than not we meet people from all over the world. Now it seems in an amazing story, it tells the tale of how a 20-year old gamer from America managed to save the literal life of her teammate who was living over 5,000 miles away in the UK.

Researchers Use Ultrasound To Selectively Damage Cancer Cells
In case you didn’t know, ultrasound technology has been used to destroy tumors. This is something that has been done for a while and is an alternative to invasive surgery. However, the problem with ultrasound is that it destroys both cancerous and healthy cells at the same time, which obviously is less than ideal.

TCL Just Announced A Pair Of Headphones With Heart Rate Monitoring
In this day and age, no longer is it necessary to wear chest straps in order to measure your heart rate. Our heart rates can be measured by using devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches, or to a certain extent, even our headphones are capable of tracking our heart rate.

Google’s DeepMind Detects Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Experts
When it comes to detecting certain diseases, it can be a bit of a mixed bag because humans can make errors. For example when it comes to detecting breast cancer, current methods actually have pretty high rates of false positives. While it is better to be safe than sorry, the downside is that false positives can lead to stress on the patient’s end and potentially unnecessary medical interventions.

Doctor Sues Apple Over The Apple Watch’s Afib Detection Feature
One of the newer features in the Apple Watch is the ability for it to check whether or not the user is experiencing Afib. This is thanks to the built-in ECG monitoring tool that according to reports, has saved quite a number of lives ever since it was introduced. However, it seems that not everyone is enamored by the feature.

FCC Says The iPhone Does Not Exceed Radiation Levels
Back in August, a test conducted by the Chicago Tribune suggested that phones made by Apple and Samsung had exceeded legal radiation levels for electronic products. In fact, a lawsuit was recently filed against both companies because of that, leading to the FCC to take a deeper look into the issues.

Congress Just Raised The Legal Vaping (And Smoking) Age To 21
These days, smoking cigarettes amongst the youth is no longer “cool”, instead, it seems that high schoolers have turned towards e-cigarettes, where it seems that the number of teens smoking e-cigarettes have doubled from the previous year, while cigarette smoking has actually declined.