When you’re sick and you go to the doctor, they might take your temperature. This is because a rise in your body’s temperature, especially above a certain degree, could indicate that you have a fever. Especially in today’s pandemic, a fever could be a sign that you might have caught the coronavirus.

Having a thermometer on your person all the time isn’t necessarily practical, plus it looks weird if you’re constantly pulling it out to take your temp, but that could change with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. According to a report from Korean publication ETNews, it seems that Samsung has figured out a way to include a body temperature sensor in the wearable.

Now, one of the problems with these types of sensors is that when worn on the wrist, it might not be too accurate simply because your body temperature can be affected by other non-illness related factors, such as the weather or if you just finished a workout. The report claims that this is one of the reasons Samsung had held back on including the sensor in its previous wearables.

However, they now claim that Samsung has since refined the tech and it will be able to provide much more accurate measurements. It is unclear how this will work, but assuming it’s true, it could be a rather useful feature to have in a smartwatch that you wear all the time.

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