Wearing a hearing aid can be a necessity for some, but others who are self-conscious might wish that there is a different way to treat their condition instead. I supposed the SoundsGood hearing aid concept, if it manages to turn into reality, would fly off the shelves – especially since it resembles a pair of rather stately earrings that the ladies would fall in love with. Whenever you put the SoundsGood hearing aid on, it will not only collect but “enlarge” sound waves, translating them into readable signals along the way and displaying these signals on a tiny display so that one is capable of responding immediately with the right vocal volume. Not only that, the changing signal paves the way to turn it into an elegant piece of decoration. Convergence is the name of the game, and merging style and technology is certainly what the SoundsGood excels in. Now, if only someone would pony up the cash to roll it off production lines.

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