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Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector now shipping
Hitachi Touro: USB 3.0 Personal Backup Cloud Solution
Hitachi CP-A300NJ and CP-AW250NJ Super-Short Focus 3 LCD projectors announced
Hitachi G-Technology shows off new hard drives
Hitachi to offer new 4.5-inch high resolution display
Hitachi Maxell launching wireless iPhone 4 chargers
Hitachi introduces two new portable audio players in Japan
Hitachi CinemaStar Drive Family Expands for A/V market
Hitachi Launches A Trio Of 3TB Hard Drive Solutions
Glove-Friendly Capacitive Touchscreen Allows for Cold Weather Pinch and Zoom
Hitachi Ultrastar C10K600 2.5-inch Hard Drive Boasts 64MB Of Cache
Hitachi Hybrid Optical+SSD+HDD drive
Hitachi next-generation backlight for LCD TV
Hitachi LED-LCD TV series come with integrated surround sound experience
Hitachi Wooo XP05 series get a couple more models
VeinID technology at vending machines
New Polarizer Film To Boost Contrast Of LCD TVs
Hitachi Wooo L26-HP05 and L22-HP05 LCD TVs
Hitachi CP-DW10N Short Throw Projector Announced
SimpleTOUGH Portable USB Drive