Hitachi G-Technology external hard drives

G-Technology by Hitachi has a brand known for their premium external storage solutions specially designed to handle content creation, despite being external drives. They will be showing off a whole bunch of new hard drives at the NAB 2011 this week. Made from high quality components – all aluminum enclosures, fastest interfaces, reliable hard drives, and latest chipsets, these external drives are meant to store your video footage (SD, HD, 2K or 4K) and while you work on it in the post production stage. The lineup includes the shock-resistant G-DRIVE duro portable drive that has a USB 2.0 port and FireWire 800 support and will arrive in June – 500GB ($150) and 750GB ($180). Other drives range from the 3TB G-DRIVE ($450) all the way to the 48TB G-SPEED FC XL (unpriced). Hitachi has also mentioned that later this year they will be releasing external drives that transfer via Thunderbolt – providing an even higher speed during data transfer. Find out more at

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