ProLine Doorbell With HomeKit Support In The Works

When it comes to HomeKit compatible devices, there are many options available, ranging from smart lighting to smart locks. However oddly enough there aren’t any HomeKit compatible doorbell systems, despite devices from August and Ring being pretty popular. However could a HomeKit doorbell system be in the works?

Eve Launches A Trio Of HomeKit Compatible Devices

#IFA 18 – Eve (formerly known as Elgato) has recently announced a trio of new HomeKit compatible devices. This comes in the form of a light switch, a light strip, and also a new power switch. The HomeKit compatibility means that users will be able to control them via the Home app, or through Siri on the iPhone, Mac computer, or the HomePod.

IKEA Could Be Looking To Launch HomeKit Compatible Smart Plugs

Known for creating affordable and minimalistic furniture, IKEA has in recent times expanded on their offerings to keep up with the times. For example the company is now dabbling in smart speakers, and previously they also launched smart light bulbs that were compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Philips Officially Announces A Bunch Of New HomeKit Compatible Hue Lights

Back in July thanks to some leaks, it was revealed that Philips was working on new Hue lights for the home. This included an outdoor Hue LightStrip and also the Adore bathroom mirror with smart lighting features. For those wondering about those products, you’ll be pleased to learn that those products have been officially confirmed.


Apple Joins ‘The Thread’, Could Lead To More Advanced HomeKit Tech

Apple has been steadily making a push into creating smarter homes with its HomeKit platform, and for those who are wondering what the future holds for HomeKit, Apple could have clued us in as the company has apparently joined The Thread Group. This is a group dedicated to creating smart homes and Apple is now listed as a member.

Philips Adore Brings Smart Lighting To The Bathroom Mirror

Philips has its Hue smart lighting system which lets users install smart light bulbs into lamps, into light holders, and more. They also have smart LED lightstrips which does the same thing, except in lightstrip form which allows for more flexibility when it comes to choosing parts of the house to light up.

Philips Unveils New Hue Outdoor Lightstrips

While the Philips Hue might have started out as a lightbulb, over the years the company has expanded on the Hue lineup where it also now includes lightstrips. The lightstrips were a good way of adding illumination behind desks, televisions, along the walls, and more, but if you’re looking to use it outdoors, you’re in luck.

Ring Promises HomeKit Support Follow Amazon Acquisition

Earlier it was announced that Amazon would be acquiring Ring, who for those unfamiliar is primarily known for their smart doorbell system. Now given that Apple and Amazon did not have that great of a relationship in the past, where we saw Amazon pull Apple TV from its listings (it was reinstated last year), what does this mean for HomeKit support?

Arlo Baby Monitor Updated With HomeKit Support

Last year at CES 2017, Netgear launched their Arlo Baby Monitor which allows parents to monitor their kids remotely via a camera. However if you’re looking to make your home a “smarter” one, you might be interested to learn that Netgear has released an update that will make the Arlo Baby Monitor HomeKit compatible.

Fibaro Controls All Your HomeKit Devices With A Single Button

Thanks to frameworks like HomeKit, smart appliances that integrate HomeKit can at least be unified to a certain extent, and also allowing them to work together at the same thing and can be controlled via the Home app on iOS devices. However if you’d rather not unlock your phone everytime and wanted a physical control, the Fibaro Button could be of interest to you.

Elgato Unveils Eve Room, Eve Button HomeKit Compatible Devices

[CES 2018] If you’re looking for a way to make your home smarter and more informative without it looking too obvious, Elgato might have the solution for you in the form of two newly-announced devices: the Eve Room and the Eve Button, both of which have been designed to be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Belkin’s HomeKit WeMo Bridge Will Be Available This Month

Many companies are trying to make their own smart home products and their own ecosystem which can be rather confusing and overwhelming as customers try to figure out what works with what. This is where companies such as Apple have stepped in with the HomeKit system which tries to unify your various smart appliances and gadgets in your home.

iOS 11.2.1 Released With HomeKit Vulnerability Fix

Last week it was discovered that there was a vulnerability in iOS 11’s HomeKit, in which apparently when exploited, it would allow the hacker to gain control of HomeKit-connected devices. Apple then made some changes server-side that temporarily patched the vulnerability while a proper fix was expected to arrive at a later date.

HomeKit Vulnerability Discovered In iOS 11.2

While software bugs do happen from time to time, we have to say that the number of bugs and issues popping up in iOS 11 is a bit alarming. In fact the latest is less of a bug and more of a security vulnerability which involves HomeKit and if exploited, will allow hackers to gain unauthorized control of various HomeKit-connected accessories.