#CES2019 – If you’re in the market for smart lighting systems, there are quite a few options to choose from. At CES 2019, GE unveiled new C by GE smart LED color bulbs as well as new smart wall switches that are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform, making it ideal for those looking to build up a collection of HomeKit compatible smart home devices.

Starting with the LED bulb, this bulb just like most of the other smart bulbs we’ve seen can be used to change color depending your personal preference and also the mood that you’re trying to set. With HomeKit compatibility, this means that you will be able to control these bulbs using the Home app on iOS devices, or use Siri to control them. You will also be able to setup routines and schedules.

GE will also be introducing new smart wall switches. There will be several to choose from where users can decide what kind of switch they want. This ranges from your typical on/off switch, to one that has motion detection, another that has smart ambient sensors, and a dimmer. According to GE, those who own the C by GE smart bulbs and the smart switch don’t have to worry about the switch being on/off for the bulbs to work.

It seems that the bulbs can still be controlled via the app or Siri even if the switch is off, so in the event that someone accidentally toggles the switch off, you won’t need to turn it on for the C by GE bulbs to work.

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