#CES2019 – There are plenty of HomeKit compatible devices in the market today, but yet one category that is oddly missing would be the smart doorbell category. Earlier this month it was reported that a company called Robin Telecom could launch the first HomeKit compatible smart doorbell, but it appears that Netamo might have beatne them to the punch.


At CES 2019, Netamo has announced the Smart Video Doorbell which from what we gather, makes it the first doorbell compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform. As its name implies, this is a doorbell system that comes with a built-in camera that will allow users to see who is at the door using their smartphone.

This means that even if you’re not at home and someone is here to make a delivery, when the doorbell is rung, users will receive a video call on their devices where they’ll be able to see the person at the door. They can also choose to speak to that person, so you could tell the delivery person to leave the package at the door, chase salespeople away, and so on.

It also offers certain security features for users, such as a person detection system which will alert you if it detects someone lurking around. A video will then be recorded for extra security and potential evidence. There will also be additional features like a notification system that will alert users when someone attempts to deactivate the doorbell or remove it.

According to Netamo, installation is said to be easy and can be done without necessarily requiring professional help. It will require that you own a wired doorbell system to begin with. The company has not mentioned how much their doorbell system will cost, but it is expected to be made available for purchase in the second half of 2019.

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