If you own an LG smart TV, you might be interested to learn that starting next week, LG has confirmed that they will be rolling out an update to their smart TVs in which they will be receiving both HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support. However, we should point out that not all models will be compatible.

According to LG, they claim that only its 2019 smart TVs will support HomeKit and AirPlay 2. This means that if you own an older LG model that was launched before the 2019 lineup, then it looks like you’ll be out of luck. It is unclear why the company is skipping its older models, but unfortunately, it seems that those with older models will have no choice but to upgrade if they want HomeKit or AirPlay 2 support.

So, what does this update mean for 2019 LG TV owners? Basically, with HomeKit support, it will allow users to connect to the Home app for iOS devices, and can also be used together with other HomeKit enabled devices or even the HomePod for a multi-room experience. If you do own a 2019 LG TV, then keep your eyes peeled for the update that should be rolling our next week.

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