From time to time while I’m writing some of the most amazing and thought-provoking stories on Ubergizmo, I get the urge to make a visit to the powder room to freshen up. That short visit takes time away from sharing my genius with you all, but if I had something like Toro’s Bedside Flushable Toilet, I could simply… uh, “freshen up” while I write my stories. Brilliant!

Sure – the Toro Bedside Flushable Toilet was really designed to help those in hospitals and other medical facilities who suffer from limited mobility, but that shouldn’t deter me from dreaming the dream of having my own toilet in my office. The way the toilet works is it can be wheeled around within a room to as far as its flexible tethered pipes can reach. Unlike traditional bedpans, the flushable toilet has a unit that can blend the waste, which would allow it to travel down one of its pipes. Considering how awful blended waste would smell, the toilet features a built-in deodorizer that will help freshen things up a bit.

The Toro Bedside Flushable Toilet will set you back a total of $5,500, although we know the convenience of being able to do your deed wherever you like is something money just can’t buy.

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