The intensive care unit of any hospital is probably one of the most important areas considering patients need some serious care in order to survive their ailment. Medicine, surgeries and other forms of interventions are common for those in the intesive care unit, making trying to find comfortable surroundings rather difficult. Philips is looking to change that as they’re looking to improve patient care by simply using LEDs.

The Charité Clinic in Berlin was chosen by Philips to receive LED lighting that creates a luminous ceiling, which simulates daylight and can even play media on the area above the patient’s head. The point of Philips’ LED lighting system is to gently stimulate the patient in intensive care, which will hopefully reduce their stress. Medical staff can program the LED system specifically to the patient to create visuals and mood lighting for the patient to enjoy, especially when all they can do is lie on their back.

Philips’ lighting system uses a total of 15,400 LEDs that span the entire ceiling as well as the wall in front of the patient, which fills their entire field of view. Two rooms already have the LED system inside of the Charité Clinic, which severely ill patients have already been using them.

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