Ultrasound image

Ultrasound technology is an amazing invention. It has many uses in the medical field- breaking kidney stones, treating tumors, cleaning teeth in dental hygiene, and of course scanning pregnant mothers to determine more information about their unborn children. Usually ultrasound scans don’t give very accurate results because of the quality of the images generated. But recently, some scientists in China have developed a solution. In comes in the form of an “acoustic rectifier”. What it does is that it forces sound waves to travel in only one direction so that sound waves travel in only one direction, which gives strong, sharper and brighter images. The rectifier works by doubling the frequencies of sound waves that enter it, and filtering out sound waves that weren’t enhanced – thus getting rid of excess noise and creating higher quality images. It is uncertain when we’ll start seeing this technology being used in everyday hospitals, but in the future, any discrepancies about your baby’s due date and gender should be a thing of the past.

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