Yes, make no mistake about it, Playboy editors too have an interest in silicone of a different type, as the gentlemen’s magazine have recently published speculative prices on the HP TouchPad tablet and HP Pre 3 smartphone. Those two webOS-powered devices do seem to be in line with the rest of the industry, with the Pre 3 being touted to go for $200 with a 2-year contract, while the HP TouchPad is similar to other tablets in the market, hovering around the $500 price point.

Playboy also has the guts to call webOS as underrated where the TouchPad is concerned. Bear in mind that the prices of both devices mentioned here are just speculative, and are not final – not at least until HP comes up with an official statement on either. Still, those should be pretty close to the actual figures, and we await with bated breath to get our hands on them to see whether the Apple and Android camps have anything to worry about.

Business with pleasure – sounds a whole lot like the world of Playboy, mixing gadgets and naked women. Just goes to show that they certainly do know what they’re talking about :)

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