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HP’s Spectre x360 Laptop Boasts 22.5 Hours Of Battery Life
Laptops are great for taking with you on the go if you need to work. However the problem is that because laptops are more powerful devices, they also consume battery faster than say a tablet, which means that usually a laptop probably wouldn’t last you more than a day before needing a recharge.

HP ZBooks Refreshed With Intel Core i9 Processors
HP made an addition to the ZBook lineup not too long ago with the ZBook x360 and it’s back at it once again. All of the models in the lineup are getting a hardware refresh which primarily includes the Core i9 processors from Intel. The new chips are available for the HP Zbook x360, ZBook Studio, ZBook 15, and the ZBook 17.

HP Launches Its Thinnest Chromebook Convertible
HP is a major player in the Chromebook market and the company today launched its thinnest Chrome OS-powered convertible yet, the HP x360 14. It’s the successor to HP’s original x360 which was released last year and it has a 14 inch display instead of its predecessor’s 11. The device has a 360 degree hinge so it can be used in four different configurations.

HP Spectre Folio Is A Premium Laptop Made With Leather
HP makes some great PC products and the company’s latest one is bound to get your attention. It’s called the HP Spectre Folio and it doesn’t have a sleek aluminum body. This premium laptop is actually bonded with leather. It’s a convertible so the device can either be used as a conventional laptop or propped up in tablet or tent mode.


HP Tango Is HP’s Attempt At Reimagining The Printer
Printers serve a very specific function so many do not really think too much about how they look. However that doesn’t mean that they can’t be improved upon, which is something that HP is trying to do with its latest printer, the HP Tango in which not only has HP tried to reimagine what a printer should look like, but they have given it some smarts as well.

HP’s Omen Obelisk Gaming Desktop Makes It Easy For Future Upgrades
One of the problems usually associated with buying brand-name computers is that usually they’re not designed to be easily upgraded. This is because usually brand-name PCs come with cases customized for their needs, which also means that sometimes not all parts will fit the way you want. Plus there is also the added incentive of forcing customers to buy a new PC when it comes time to upgrade.

HP’s OMEN Mindframe Headset Will Launch In October For $200
When it comes to choosing headphones, clearly sound quality is an important factor. However there are other factors to consider, such as comfort. This is important for those who plan on wearing them for extended periods of time, a problem that HP’s OMEN Mindframe headset should solve come this October.

New HP Omen 15 Gaming Laptop Is More Refined And Powerful
HP today unveiled its new Omen 15 gaming laptop which will compete in the market against similar products from the likes of Razer, Gigabyte, ASUS, and others. HP’s Omen 15 has been a popular model and the latest iteration of this device is not only more refined than its predecessor, it’s also more powerful.

HP’s Latest Gaming Headset Will Keep Your Ears Cool
When you read or watch headphone reviews, what most reviewers will point out is the comfort of the headphones and whether or not they can be worn for extended periods of time. Some headphones tend to have a tighter grip which makes them uncomfortable, while some are designed for travel and have softer cushions which makes it more comfortable to wear.

HP Envy x2 Now Available With Intel Inside
HP was one of the first companies to launch an ARM-powered Windows 10 notebook last year, it launched the Envy x2 which was powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. The company confirmed a month later at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 that the same notebook will also be available with an Intel processor inside. Almost six months after it made that announcement, HP is finally shipping the Envy x2 with […]

New HP All-In-One PC Comes With Alexa Built In
Amazon’s Alexa digital personal assistant is making its way into a wide variety of devices which is why it’s not surprising to see that Alexa has made its way into an all-in-one PC as well. HP has launched an updated Envy Curved AiO PC which features a large base and a speaker on the front with a glowing blue light which will turn on when Alexa is summoned. It’s an […]

HP Chromebook x2 Tablet With Detachable Keyboard Launched
It seems that the laptop/tablet hybrid design is still going strong these days and if you were after a similar setup, you might be interested to learn that HP has recently launched their latest Chrome OS hybrid in the form of the HP Chromebook x2. As you can see in the image above, this is a tablet that features a detachable keyboard and a stylus.

HP Launches New Lineup Of Germicide-Resistant Computers
HP has launched a new lineup of displays, laptops, and all-in-one desktops that are germicide-resistant. They can hold their own against intense cleaning materials and are meant for use in hospitals and medical facilities. Called the HP Healthcare Edition, this new lineup has been designed to “address the next generation of patient care,” according to the company. These machines have been built to withstand the unique needs of healthcare providers […]

HP Unveils New EliteBook Laptops
The thing with webcams is that these days it can be a bit of a privacy issue as there might be some who are concerned that their webcams are hacked and that someone is spying on them. This is why it is usually advised that you cover or tape over your webcam and microphone when not in use.

HP’s Printers Now Support Voice Controlled Printing
It seems that voice controlled gadgets are becoming a big thing, what with CES 2018 featuring a ton of voice controlled devices, ranging from speakers, to headphones, to smart home appliances, and so on. However if there was one gadget in the home that seemed to be missing voice control would be printers, but HP is here to change that.

NVIDIA Announces 65-inch 4K 120Hz Gaming Displays
[CES 2018] While we expected that companies like LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and so on to announce new display technology at CES 2018, NVIDIA actually surprised us when they have announced their own displays as well. Working together with various hardware partners, NVIDIA has announced a 65-inch 4K 120Hz gaming display.

HP Z 3D Camera To Scan Objects Using Non-HP Computers
[CES 2018] HP has been pioneering the field of object-scanning in the PC space since 2014. We covered HP’s efforts with the HP Sprout Pro in 2016, followed by the HP Sprout G2 just last year (watch our demo video). Both work on the principle of having a tight integration between PC, Monitor and 3D Camera. While the experience was great, there was one friction point: you needed to change/upgrade […]

HP Envy x2 12g (Intel Edition) Laptop Announced
[CES 2018] Back in December 2017, it started to look like we can expect to see a future in which more laptops will be powered by ARM-based processors. Qualcomm and HP unveiled such a device in the form of the HP Envy x2 12e which is a laptop that is powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

HP Spectre 15 x360 Laptop Launched (2018)
HP’s 2018 Edition of the Spectre 15 x360 is shaping up to be impressive. HP wants it to be the most powerful convertible PC in its “convertible PC” category, and with the combination of Intel 8th gen Core and AMD’s RX Vega M graphics unit (GPU), this may just do the trick.

HP Recalls 50,000 Laptop Batteries Over Fire Risk
These days lithium-ion batteries can be found in pretty much all of our portable electronic devices, and while they are common, they do pose certain dangers where they can swell up and explode if damaged. Unfortunately for many HP laptop owners, it looks like there is a chance your laptop could be affected by faulty batteries.