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HP Pro Tablet 10 EE G1 Arrives At The FCC
When it comes to the world of tablets, there are dime a dozen models for one to choose from. In fact, it can be quite a selection headache if you do not have an idea on what you are looking for. Having said that, with each piece of consumer electronics that are meant to be released in the US, it will have to go through the FCC first, and the […]

HP Stream 11 Being Promoted By Microsoft
While the HP Stream 11 went on sale at the end of last month, this does not mean that this little notebook that could does not deserve a little bit of advertising on its part, or promotion. After all, the overall cost of picking up a Windows-powered device in recent times has dropped, where one can spend a Benjamin to pick up a Windows 8.1 tablet while receiving a fair […]

HP Envy x2 13t With Core M Processor Now Available
Now here is a new computing device, or rather, an updated version of the HP Envy x2 13t that will run on an Intel Core M Broadwell processor that does not break the bank. In fact, the HP Envy x2 13t will retail for $800 and above, depending on the final choice of the hardware specifications that you choose to have inside.

HP Unveils The Omen Gaming Laptop
HP has long had a presence in the gaming desktop and laptop market, particularly after it acquired Voodoo back in 2006, but recently it hasn’t devoted much time and resources to these machines. That changes today. HP has announced a new gaming laptop called Omen. The release has been perfectly timed with the approaching holiday season as it goes head to head against similar laptops from the likes of Asus, […]


HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer Revealed
HP did try to make their way into the world of 3D printing at the turn of the decade, where they rebranded a Stratasys desktop 3D printer. However, that particular effort of theirs failed to be impress, and hence, it must have taken them all this while to regroup and think over their strategy. Basically, HP handed over the task of being a 3D printing vendor to its scientists, so […]

HP's Designer Smartwatch Launching On November 7th
Wearable devices are a hot trend in the market these days and it seems like every other manufacturer is jumping on the bandwagon. HP did too but in a slightly different manner as opposed to its rivals. Instead of developing one on its own and then either opting for Android Wear or building a new OS, it teamed up with designer Michael Bastian to create a high-end wearable device.

HP Sprout Brings A Built-In Projector And Touch Mat
HP’s new PC isn’t something that you would normally find on somebody’s desk. It is a new concept that we heard the company was working on and today it unveiled the product. It is called the HP Sprout and it ditches the traditional keyboard and mouse in favor of a touchpad and a built-in projector. So you can guess that this PC has been developed keeping touch interaction with mind, a […]

HP Stream 11 Now On Sale
The HP Stream 11 is not a normal laptop that you are able to find on the market, and for one very simple reason – the HP Stream 11 will cost just $300 a pop, making it an extremely affordable Windows 8.1-powered laptop. After all, how many of such laptops are you able to find in the open market? Earlier in September, the HP Stream 11 was officially announced, and […]

HP Pro Slate 12 Is In The Works
HP intends to introduce a couple of new Android-powered tablets that will target not regular users, but rather, business users. First of all, there will be the HP Pro Slate 12 that features a 12.3” display at 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution, while there is a smaller sized model known as the HP Pro Slate 8 will will carry a far sharper 2048 x 1536 pixel display.

HP Could Be Planning A Windows PC With A 3D Scanner And A Built-In Projector [Rumor]
HP is a company known for creating computers and printers, but according to a new rumor courtesy of Re/code, it seems that HP could be building a device that combines all of their products together. The device is said to be announced on the 29th of October and has been given the “Sprout” project codename.According to the report, Sprout is said to be a Windows-based PC that will come with […]

HP 10 Plus Android Tablet Quietly Announced
HP is a company known for their computers and printers, although they have been dabbling in mobile devices like tablets. Interestingly enough it seems that recently the company has launched the HP 10 Plus tablet without much fanfare. In fact the only reason that it was brought to light was because of a product page on HP’s website.The tablet is priced at $280 and is available for purchase either via […]

HP Will Be Split Into Two Companies - HP Inc. & Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
According to a report from yesterday, it was rumored that HP could thinking about splitting their company into two. One half would be focused on consumer electronics like computers, while the other half would be focused at business hardware. Word had it that HP would be meeting financial analysts this Wednesday to discuss their options.Well it look like either the rumors were wrong or HP could have arrived a decision […]

HP Rumored To Be Splitting Into Two Separate Companies
Most of us probably know HP as a company that makes a variety of consumer electronic goods, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and at one point in time they even tried their hand at webOS smartphones. However according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that HP could be getting ready to split into two companies.One of the companies is said to be focused on […]

New HP Stream Tablets And Laptops Announced
If you’re looking for affordable tablets and laptops, it seems that Microsoft and HP have you covered. HP has recently announced two new tablets and laptops that HP will be adding to its Stream family. The tablets will be priced starting as low as $99, while the HP Stream laptops will be priced starting at $199.99.Granted these are hardly the most powerful devices you could buy at the moment, but […]