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HP Slate 17 Spotted
Some time in July this year, there were whispers of a HP Slate 17 being in the pipeline – and it seems that those rumors have proven themselves to be spot on, no more, no less, as the HP Slate 17 shapes up to be an all-in-one Android desktop/tablet. This particular device happens to sit in no man’s land methinks, being 17” in size that makes it far too impractical […]

Apple, HP Slap Patent Troll With Attorney Fees At $3.6 Million Each
Patent trolls are aplenty and what they usually do is they go after companies with vague patents claiming that said companies had infringed upon their patents and they are now suing them. This is usually done so that companies will rush for a quick settlement as opposed to a long and drawn out legal proceeding.Well it looks like one patent troll could be getting a taste of their own medicine, […]

HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition Hits The Market
When it comes to Android-powered tablets, these happen to be dime a dozen, and with so many models for you to pick from, just which particular one do you think is capable of suiting your needs best? Well, HP is not exactly the go-to name when it comes to tablets, but this does not mean that they do not have any kind of solid offerings. In fact, one of their […]

HP Reportedly Considering Snapfish Sale
Hewlett Packard purchased online photo sharing service Snapfish back in 2005 for over $300 million. The service is currently part and parcel of HP’s printing and personal systems group but if a report is to be believed its time at HP might be limited. The company is reportedly exploring a sale of Snapfish. HP is said to have held talks about a sale with multiple industry buyers and private equity […]


HP Stream Is A $300 Windows Laptop
A low-cost HP laptop was spotted last month and it was believed that this machine would be powered by Google’s Chrome OS given its rumored $200 price tag. That’s certainly not the case. It became clear a couple of weeks after the laptop was spotted that it would be powered by Windows and not Google’s cloud based OS. The company today formally announced the HP Stream laptop, a $300 machine that […]

HP ENVY x2 & Pavilion x2 Tablets Announced
If you’re in the market for a new tablet, HP might have some for you in the form of two new ENVY tablets and a new Pavilion x2 tablet. All three tablets have been officially announced on the Windows Blog and it seems that HP might have drawn some inspiration from the Microsoft Surface series of tablets in terms of its design.Starting with the two new ENVY x2 tablets, both […]

HP Recalls 6 Million Laptop Cords
Product recalls are not exactly rare and few in between, although it would always be a whole lot better if the products that were introduced to the masses were to function just fine without any issues in the first place, and hence, not needing a single recall. Unfortunately, this is a fallen world, and HP is now part of the recall spectre having announced a voluntary recall of over 6 […]

HP Stream Is The $199 Notebook
It was just a couple of days ago when we talked about how hardware specifications of an alleged $199 Chromebook was spotted, but it does look as though this particular 14” HP Chromebook is not going to run on Chrome OS after all. Instead, for $199 a pop, you will find Windows 8.1 as the operating system of choice instead as it hits store shelves later this coming Christmas. At […]

HP Continues Promoting Windows 7 Over Windows 8
While Windows 8 might be the latest operating system from Microsoft, it seems that the Redmond company is having a hard time trying to convince its OEM partners to promote and use the operating system. In fact it seems in HP’s latest round of advertising and promotions, the company has focused on Windows 7, instead of Windows 8.HP recently sent out emails to its customers where they are boasting about […]

$199 HP Chromebook Specifications Leaked
When it comes to Chromebooks, we are pleased to note that at least this particular market niche did not end up like the netbook, as that product went out with a whimper not too long after the advent of tablets. Sure, it was small and portable, but in terms of productivity, it never really managed to get the job done. Google’s Chromebook, however, has fared a whole lot better, and […]

Google Wanted To Push Google Now In Enterprise With HP
Its no secret that Google wants Android to have more footing in the enterprise space. The company recently announced that the upcoming iteration of its mobile platform, Android L, will feature advanced security courtesy of Samsung Knox. It needs to nail security to win trust of enterprise customers and beyond that it needs to offer features that they can really bank on. A new report published today says that Google […]

HP Calculator Watch Prototype Goes Up On eBay
When it comes to the world of wearable technology, two particular niches stand out from the rest of the crowd – one of them would be a smart watch, while the other would be a pair of smart glasses. The former has certainly made some interesting strides in the previous year and especially this year, but certainly the grand-daddy of them all should be noted – and we don’t suppose […]

HP Slate 12 Pro Spotted On Benchmarking Site
When it comes to unreleased devices, there will always be those who are ready and waiting in the wings to pounce on a particular rumor, even more so when said device is of high interest. Well, the HP Slate 12 Pro might not turn too many heads, but that does not mean it has no place in the overall tablet hierarchy at the moment. In fact, the HP Slate 12 […]

HP Slatebook 14 Now Available For Purchase
The HP Slatebook 14, a notebook that was spotted on a website a few months back, is now available for purchase and read to be shipped all the way to the front of your doorstep. The thing is, is the HP Slatebook 14 worth forking out good money for? Let us take a closer look at this 14” device right after the jump.