High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. The company started as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that was building devices for others, but went on making HTC-branded smartphones based mostly on Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) for mobile. In 2009, it began to shift its core focus away from Windows mobile devices to Android-based ones. In 2010 the company went back to the Windows Phone eco-system.

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Alleged HTC U 11 Benchmark Scores Revealed
If you weren’t that impressed by the HTC U Ultra or U Play handsets that were announced earlier this year, not to worry as it looks like HTC has a new flagship in the works in the form of the HTC U 11. We’ve been hearing about this handset for a while now, and thanks to recent benchmarks, we now know what to expect.

HTC U 11 Teaser Hints At Squeezable Frame
HTC reportedly has a new smartphone in the works dubbed the HTC U 11. According to the rumors, one of the phone’s unique selling points is the fact that it will come with a touch-sensitive frame which users can squeeze and swipe to perform actions on the phone like launching apps.

Possible HTC U Teaser Video Shows Touch Sensitive Frame In Action
We have been hearing rumors that HTC’s upcoming handset, the HTC U, will feature a touch-sensitive frame. We are unclear as to how that might work or what kind of functionality it could offer. However in a recent video that surfaced, it is allegedly a teaser video for the upcoming phone that shows off the touch-sensitive frame in action.

HTC U Unveiling Teased For May 16
We have been hearing a fair number of rumors and seen a couple of leaks regarding the HTC U, and we’re sure that just like ourselves, many of you guys are curious as to when the handset will be officially revealed. The good news is that it will be revealed next month, or at least that’s according to an invite that HTC has sent out to the press.


HTC U Could Feature Bluetooth 5 Connectivity
Technology is constantly evolving and usually for the better. With the Samsung Galaxy S8, it was the first phone to be launched with Bluetooth 5. Now according to a tweet by Roland Quandt, it seems that there is a good chance that the upcoming HTC U “Ocean” could also be launched with the feature.

HTC U ‘Ocean’ Rumored To Drop Headphone Jack
Thanks to a photo tweeted by Evan Blass the other day, we managed to catch a glimpse of the HTC U “Ocean” handset which is supposed to be HTC’s flagship handset. Details about the phone were a little scarce, but now a tweet by @LlabTooFeR has revealed some additional details about the handset.

Possible HTC U ‘Ocean’ Photo Leaked
The HTC U Ultra was announced earlier this year but despite its somewhat high-end specs, the handset wasn’t exactly what you would consider to be compelling. Sure it had the chops, but its features weren’t particularly exciting especially in the face of other flagships like the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

HTC Knocking $150 Off The HTC U Ultra
The HTC U Ultra smartphone was launched earlier this year and from what we can tell, it appears to be HTC’s flagship phone for the earlier part of 2017 and does pack some pretty high-end specs. However its price of $749 does make it a bit pricey especially when you consider that there are more powerful phones out there that you can get.

The HTC One X10 Has Been Officially Launched
After a leaked poster surfaced yesterday that allegedly showed off the upcoming HTC One X10, it seems that it did not take long for the official announcement to take place. For those curious about the HTC One X10, it looks like the handset has been officially announced, although the announcement was in Russia which might suggest that it could see a limited release.

Alleged HTC One X10 Poster Reveals Larger Battery Size
Back in December last year, we heard the rumors that HTC had a handset in the works called the HTC One X10 that was supposed to be announced in January 2017. Obviously that did not pan out but it seems that the handset is alive and well as we saw photos of the handset leaked back in February.

Google Launches PAX, Hopes To Put An End To Patent Trolls
If a company has been found to have infringed upon another company’s patent, a lawsuit usually occurs. Sometimes it is justified especially when the infringement is pretty blatant, but sometimes the patent in question is just so vague that we guess it could go either way depending on the interpretation.

HTC Vive Price Cut By $100 For One Day
If you’ve been meaning to pick up the HTC Vive virtual reality headset then you have a chance to do so for less than what the headset normally costs. HTC is celebrating the first anniversary of its VR headset by offering a one-day $100 discount on the Vive.

HTC Launches $7 Viveport Subscription Service
To commemorate the first anniversary of its first virtual reality headset called Vive, HTC has announced that it’s now going to offer a $7 subscription option for Viveport, the virtual reality content distribution platform that it launched in September last year. A Viveport subscription will enable Vive owners to access a world of virtual reality content including experiences and games without having to pay for such content individually.

Leaked HTC Ocean Presentation Reveals Crucial Details
If recent reports are to be believed, HTC is working on a new flagship smartphone that it’s going to launch in the near future. The company kicked off 2017 with the launch of the HTC U Play and U Ultra, its next handset is believed to be called HTC U Ocean, at least that’s the codename the company has assigned to it. A leaked presentation has surfaced online which reveals […]