htc-vive-hardware_17Out of all the dedicated virtual reality headsets out there, the HTC Vive is probably the most expensive of the bunch. On top of that, users are also required to own a PC that is powerful enough to support it, thus making it more expensive and harder to access for the general public, but in spite of that, it seems that the headset is doing pretty well.

During the company’s Q3 investors earning call (via Road to VR), HTC has confirmed that they have sold much more than 140,000 units of the device. This is according to Chia-Lin Chang, President of Smartphone and Connected Devices at HTC, who was responding to a question by an analyst about the figures.

According to Chang, “I don’t know [how] this 140,000 number came up. Cher comment[ed] on it, and I can confirm to you here that her comments, basically—of course it’s higher than 140,000. It’s much more than that number.” He also adds that we should not focus on the 140,000 number, perhaps because it is lower than the original figures, figures that Chang did not provide.

“But I will not be able to give you a number, and I would encourage you guys not to refer that number. That seems to be anchored fully on something that we have no idea where it came from.” Basically at the end of the day, the HTC Vive seems to be doing pretty well. This is despite some reports that sales of VR headsets have flatlined.

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